Praise be to our Lord in Heaven who has given us another opportunity to share his word with you this week. May his name alone be praise forever. Amen. Bless you!!! Today, the Lord want to enlighten us more about his message “TO SAVE WHAT WAS LOST”.

According to the Bible, in the book of Luke 19:1-9 Jesus was entering the town of Jericho, and there was a man whose name is Zacchaeus, he was a chief tax collector, a rich and wealthy man, but he was a short man. But this man had been longing in his heart to see who Jesus was. On this very day, an opportunity come for him to see Jesus, but there is an obstacle that stand on his way, a lot of crowd surrounded Jesus, because he is a short man , he decided to climb a tree.

By the time Jesus arrived under the tree where the short man had climbed, Jesus told him to come down from the tree, that today he must stay in his house. Zacchaeus welcome Jesus gladly to his house, but there are opposition from  those who claim to be righteous and but not loving their fellow human being. They started to grumbled against the Lord for entering a sinners house. But the Loving God does not desire to condemn mankind but to save us.

Zacchaeus realized that God had been kind to him by accepting him as he is, not looking to his sins or conduct, but went to stay with him in his house. In so doing Zacchaeus, gave his heart and soul and everything he had to the Lord, he became a new person, and Jesus said to everyone today salvation had come to this man and his household, because he is also a son of God, for God came to save what was lost.

Dear Brethren, Jesus came to save me and you from our sins, for we were lost but now we had been found. If we give our heart, soul and all that we had to the Lord. Then we are not condemn as Zacchaeus was not condemn.

Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your heart , come to God and he would give you peace, joy, love, good health, long life and above all the salvation of your soul.

Come to Christ all ye that are heavily Labour and he would give you rest,.

May the peace of God that surpass all human understanding guide your heart and mind.

And always remember, that God loves you first before you starting loving him.

Yours in Christ Jesus forever Amen.