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Bless you brethren in Christ Jesus, it is an honour to present to you the word of God today,

According to the bible in the book of John 19…the bible let us know how much Jesus suffer in the hand of the religious leaders. How He was hated and despise by the people. The man Jesus came to this world as a sacrificial Lamb of God in order for the soul of mankind to be save and avoid God’s condemnation through sin.

But we rejected him and despises him, hated him and even spit on him. He went through a lot of difficulties and challenges in the hands of religious leaders, those that supposed to know the word of God and obey it, but they are the one who stand as an opposition to the saviour. They calls him all sorts of names because the people don’t want to accept him as the son of God, but regard him as an impostor.

Jesus came with the news of salvation, He came with a news of freedom .He did not only die for the Christian or for the good people only  but He died for both the wicked and the ungodly. Both the rich and the poor..

What Jesus went through, none of us can go through half of it, But he went through it ,in order for me and you to be alive today. That is why we can celebrated the love of God and his goodness in our life.

Therefore I encourage you today , to recognise the purpose of Christ in your life. Give yourself fully to the Lord, because He gave himself fully to you so that we may be call the children of God.

May the Spirit of the Lord empowers you with ability and grace and strength to do the will of God.

Peace be with you always. Yours in Christ our Lord. Amen

Pastor Kolins Arthur



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Welcome to House of Worship Ministry, a House of loving believers who are striving to make a difference every day. Thank you for choosing to be our guest today.

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