Gospel message of the day


Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord, may the name of the Lord be praise forever and ever. It is joy for me to present to you the message of encouragement the Lord Jesus has place in my heart for strengthen you and enlighten you in order for me and you to remain steadfast in our devotion to the Lord.

In the Bible, Jesus describe us his followers as the salt of the earth.  And for us to be the salt of the earth, we have to be effective as a true believer in Christ. To be effective in the body of Christ, to be effective as a believer in the life of our family, friends and loved ones.

We as a children of God, we have a purpose or aim on this earth, and our aim is to be effective as a child of God, to make difference in the life of people around us. To live as a true child of God ,to be self-control, and to preach the gospel of Jesus to every soul.

When we are not effective as child of God, we lose our saltiness, then we are no longer useful for anything in the kingdom of God. We become worthless, we can no longer pray as we supposed to be.

Therefore, for me and you to be an effective child of God, must devote our self to constant prayer. We must stay away from the desire for the things of this world which polluted our spirit and flesh and focus our mind fully on the Kingdom of God.

I pray for you that may the good Lord empowers you with grace to be more effective in your Christian life.

Peace be with you always.


Pastor Kollins Arthur

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Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ... It is a great pleasure to speak to you about the truth of the salvation of Jesus Christ . Today the good Lord has prepared a message to enlighten you and me.

Many Christians who claim to be a believer in Christ has no connection with God.. They go to church regularly and do everything that they think the Lord requires from them to be safe... but after doing that.. they continue living there worldly lifestyle... There ways of life does not show that they belong to God.. They confess Jesus as there Lord and Savior but they live for Satan.. There characters and altitudes does not conform to a true believer.
This set of Christians has no connection with the Holy Spirit.. They only follow a deceitful spirit from the devil which makes them have the sense of comfortability in their sinful ways of life without any sense of godly sorrow that leads to repentance.

We need to allow the Spirit of God to dwell in our hearts and minds even during our daily lives... And seek God in fervent prayer and not by words...
In so doing, we begin to develop a true connection with the Lord. His Holy Spirit activate the power of God in us.

I pray for you today that God will restore you back to him and build a strong connection between you and him. May God’s peace be with you always.

Remain Bless!!!
Pastor Kolis Arthur


Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord... The good Lord had made it possible for us to see another year... In his great mercy, he has preserve our lives from all evil, so that we may know him better and serve him better.Our major goal this year is to make every effort to know God more better, to draw more closer to him more than last year... To walk in his ways... This can only be possible if we can involve ourselves in fervent prayers and give ourselves fully to his work... Support his work in every aspect that God gives you ability to do without grumbling or being weakling to his work. By so doing, you will grow more in your relationship with the Lord.. You will feel God's presence around you more than ever before...
Brethren, it is not by imagination or talking about it every day or often that will make you to know God better or have God's presence around you... It is by doing what he commands us to do... First, to seek his face more and more through fervent prayer and fasting, meditate his word day and night as he commands us in the book of Joshua 1. Fill our hearts and minds with songs of worship and praise... And let his salvation be the meditation of our hearts day and night...
In doings this, we will have power to break every yoke of the devil and go out to proclaim his love to others who are still in darkness.

This year 2019, its our year to walk in the utmost hight of the power of God... Not to be worried or afraid of anything, not to be a lukewarm children of God, but to be strong in the power of the Most High. To be strong to pull down every power of Satan and to walk in victory of God with full of confidence and great assurance that God is with us like a Mighty Warrior.

Fellow believer in Christ Jesus, I encourage you today to rise with power of God and let Christ shine on you. Make a new beginning, seek the Lord while he may be found, before it becomes too late... Join an assembly of fervent prayer and truth of the Word of God. Fill your heart with soul with his word and his thoughts.

May the peace of God be with you always, and always know that God loves you first.

Remain Bless!!!

Pastor Kolis Arthur


Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord, the word of God made us realize that the battle ground is our mind. It is our mind that the devil want, it is our mind that the devil is after. Sometimes the people around us at work, at home, at church, the challenges that confront them is not about their finances or there pay check.

They think and reason that it is their finances that it is there problems, because they have thought themselves to believe that their problems is their finances, but the problems they are going through is there mind. When your mind is disturbed and troubling, there is no way you can handle your finances well and handle your pay check well. When your mind is not controlled by the word of God, there is no way you can made a good decision that would benefit your life.

Therefore, as a child of God we should know that the challenges we face in this life is our mind. It is our mind that the devil attack. The word of God made us realize that the battle we fight with are not flesh and blood but they are principalities, powers of this dark world. We should armed ourselves with the full armour of God for us to be able to defeat the devil

May the mercies and grace of God be with us all as we enter new year.


Pastor Kollins Arthur