Gospel message of the day

Bless you dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, it is a great honour and privilege for me to write to you once again about the word that God has God has sent me to share with you…. Today our topic is “Don’t Turn Back”. In the book of John 15:1-17,Jesus talks about the vine and the fruit.

Dear Brother and sister, it is hard to be fruitful while you are in pain or in sorrow. it is difficult to be fruitful while we are depressed by the  challenges that surround us. God gets the glory out of you when you are fruitful because he is the one who put the seed in you that brought the fruit out. Christianity now is only about what Jesus can provide for them, but they don’t want to have a relationship with God, they only come to God when things goes on their way. People want what Jesus can do for them ,but they don’t want Jesus himself.

Brother and sisters, for every time you come to church and praised God, even though you didn’t even understand what was going on in your life, God said if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you want and it shall be done unto you. We need to follow God with commitment and not condition. Then our latter day shall be greater that former.

I pray for that God would give you a heart to follow him regardless of what’s  going on in your life. May the good Lord continue to strengthen you in all your ways. And always remember that God loves you first before you start loving him.


Bless you dear brothers and sisters in the Lord everywhere, it is a great honour for me once again to talk to you about the good news of our Lord Jesus that we share…The good Lord had sent me today to enlighten your spirit and mind about the word “TRUTH ABOUT HAPPINESS”.

Fellow brethren, there is nowhere in the scripture that says we are to search and pursue happiness., we find happiness as we live a discipline life before God. We find happiness as you do your duty as a true child of God.., It is not our goal to and search and look for happiness, our goal is to obey God. Our goal is to do the will of God, Our goal is to be a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. And as we move along in life with God, we will find happiness here and there along the way.

When you sense a longing for God in your heart and the desire to change, to be a new person, that is God speaking to your heart. And as you respond, he will give you the ability and the power to change because he has to do the changing himself not we changing ourself. But when we delay in making the right decision, the harder it becomes to make the decision. And the next time you have an opportunity to come to Christ, your heart may not be ready as it is today. Then the happiness we are searching for will not come, until we make the decision to follow Christ.

Brethren, I encourage you today to make a good and solid decision to follow the Lord and he will fill you with happiness and peace. May the good Lord continue to direct your mind to the voice of Christ and give you heart to obey him. And do not forget, the Lord loves you first before you love him.

Peace be with you always.



Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...

One time, the Lord Jesus was walking by the sea of Galilee and he saw two fishermen,… “ hey follow me, he says and I will make you fishers of men”, the bible said these two men immediately dropped their net and followed him. The Lord did not call them because they are changed person, but he called them as they were. And they also  followed him regardless of whom they were. But along the way, they become a change person.

When the Lord Jesus called us, he did not call us because we are already change, but as we follow him with all our heart, we gradually become a change person. It is not our work to ask the Lord to change us, all we need to do is to follow him, and he will automatically change us. “ We do the following and God will do the Changing”

What God want from us is to have a better relationship with us. When we read the bible, it is an experience, but when the word of God is preached, the purpose of the message is for you and me to have relationship with the Lord. for example: A wedding is an experience but after the wedding day, you start relationship, if there is no relationship between the husband and wife, then the marriage collapse. Also having a baby is an experience but raising the child, you need to build a good relationship.

Relationship is more  stronger than experience. People look for experience when they come to God, but God is calling us in order to have relationship with us as a father and son.

Therefore brothers and sisters, when we follow the Lord, we build a good relationship with Christ and our love for him become stronger than ever, and nothing shall be able to separate us from the love we have in Christ…I urge you today to build a good relationship with the Lord and not experience. And always remember the Lord loves first before you loves him.

May the peace of the Lord be with you.










Greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord wherever you are, the Lord has sent me to you today to enlighten you more about this very particular topic, “The principle of serving the Lord”. Brethren, our Christian life is all about serving the Lord, we were called to serve and not to be a boss over the people of God…There is a particular gift that you receive from the Lord when you serve, this gift is only meant for those who serve with humility. It is not for everyone that qualify to receive this great gift, for not everyone is willing to serve, The gift is when you serve the Lord with humility, you receive the gift of seeing the Lord and hearing from him,. Either through vision or dreams….The Lord will reveal himself to you more and more and speak to you about issues.

There is a great prophet in the bible that serve the Lord with humility since his childhood….that is prophet Samuel”… prophet Samuel has come to leave in the house of the Lord since childhood through the vow his mother Hannah made to the Lord, and he has to serve the Lord for the rest of his life….Samuel responsibility was to make sure the light of God’s house keeps burning. It must not go off day or night…Samuel served with humility and because of his servitude, the Lord reveal himself to him.

Leadership is all about serving, Anyone who leads and doesn’t serve, they don’t last forever. They fall at the end ….But when you serve the Lord with great humility, You become more powerful and spiritually strong. The Lord empowers you more with the spirit of humility, spiritual discernment, and great wisdom..

Therefore beloved brothers and sisters, I encourage you today to desire the altitude of serving .May the peace of the Lord be with you. And always know that the Lord loves you first.