Gospel message of the day


Bless you dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus around the world. I have a message of encouragement from the Lord for you today that God can change every situation in your life that is not in right order and make it well for the glory of his name. In the book of 2 king 20:1-11 God told prophet Isaiah to go to king Hezekiah and give him a message that is he is not going to recover from his illness, but he would die. But after king Hezekiah received this message, he did not fold his hands and gather his loved ones and start to weep but instead he brought his petition before God and weep bitterly to the Lord and remind God how he (king) had serve him (God) faithfully and wholeheartedly. And God grant Hezekiah request and spared him of his death and added extra 15 years to his life.

Therefore, brothers and sisters God who change the situation in the life of Hezekiah and took away the bad report of death from him that same God can do the same thing for me and you in any situation we find ourselves.

God would change things for us as He did for Hezekiah, If only we are willing and ready to do the same thing Hezekiah did. He prayed and prayed to God, he devoted himself to God’s work and serve him diligently and God heard his prayer.

We must call upon God to turn things around for us. And change the report of medical doctor or the report of schoolteacher or the report of government systems and so on. We should call upon God and he will make things well for us.

May the good Lord strengthen you and keep you from all evil. May He bless you with peace and love and more grace to overcome every challenge and situation that confront you.


Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kollins Arthur



Bless you dear brothers and sisters, may the peace of God be with you.

In life we are confronted with many situations and challenges, difficulties, and distresses. And whenever our minds think on these problems that confront us, it develops into fear and worriedness, then we become unsure of how things would turn out.

We began to lose faith and confidence in God, we know longer remember his word and promises for us that said, even though we walk through the shadow of death, we should fear no evil. And He also said, we should not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day. And non the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plagues that destroys at midday. And so many other promises and assurance God had said to us through His word.

We soon forget all this great word of God when Satan tempt our faith to be sure if our heart is truly with God or on the world.

But when you truly walk with the Lord in your heart and mind and spirit, God will walk with you, He will not leave alone, and neither would he ever forsake you. When you serve him well, He would put you first. Then you would be above of every situation and not beneath. No man or spirits will be able to stand against you everyday of your life.

Believers in Christ, I urge you today to devote yourself fully with God, so that He will grant you victory over your enemies. Both the physical and the spiritual enemies.

May God bless you abundantly in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Yours Faithfully,

Pastor Kollins Arthur





Bless you dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, it’s a privileged to strengthen you with the word of God. Jesus is the gift of God. Jesus himself is God but He came to us in human form. Jesus offer himself to us as a gift for salvation and for peace in every area of our lives.

Before we can be God liking, we must first have the gift of giving. Since Jesus have been offered to us as a gift of salvation, He never ask from us anything in return, He always give and give without asking nothing back. All he asks from us is to have reverence for him by obeying his words and commands.

There so many ways a person can give for God service, you can be servant in the house of God, cleaning and arranging, is also giving, opening and closing the door of God’s house is also another way of giving for the kingdom of God.

Supporting financially and materially is also giving, giving your time for the service of God, coming together for prayers in the house of God and evangelizing to others about Christ love and mercy is also giving to God.

I pray that God will give us heart of reverence for the Lord and obedient to his word. May his grace and love abide with all of us.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Pastor Collins Arthur



Bless you Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I brought you message from the Lord Jesus. Remember, God place Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and gave them instruction of how to keep the place and eat the fruit that was in the garden except the fruit of good and evil. God allow them to eat whatever there heart desire in the garden, but only the fruit of knowledge of good and evil that they must not touch and eat. But ignorantly of Adam and Eve, they listen to Satan counsel by eating the forbidden fruit and disobey the commands of God who created them and place them in the garden.

When God question Adam about why he disobeyed him and eat the forbidden fruit, Adam did not acknowledge his fault, instead he told God that it wasn’t his fault that he eats the fruit but it is the fault of the woman that God gave him. Adam refuses to realise his wrong in the scenario but only casting blame to other person around him, not finding remorse for what he had done but only arrogantly pointing fault fingers to others.

And the same nature manifest in Eve his woman, when God also ask her why she did such a horrible act, like her husband, she also begins to blame the serpent. But the serpent never forces them to eat the forbidden fruit, he only gave them his deceitful counsel in which both Adam and Eve have the right to accept serpent counsel or not. But because Adam and Eve had no fear of God enough in their heart, and they themselves were full of pride, this makes them easily yield to Satan evil counsel.

God was not intended to render curse on Adam and Even, but because they refuse to acknowledge there wrongdoing. And their deeds show ungratefulness to the kindness and love of God, the Lord was provoked by there altitude and pronounce curses upon them.

Brethren, whenever we refuse to acknowledge our wrong deeds that Satan whisper in our mind and leads us to disobey God, we provoke the Spirit of God. And when we deliberately continue to do wrong and find pleasure in sin, the Lord would depart from us and then Satan will come to bring trouble and sorrow and pain upon us even death. It is not wise and godly, to point evil fingers to other people and blame them for our mistakes, we are to accept our fault and wrongs and ask God for mercy and grace to overcome the evil desire and pleasure for sinning against God.

Be very sure brothers and sisters, that Satan really hate us we the children of God, and his evil desire is that we should suffer and be in pain and sorrow. That is why we as a children of God were not to listen to the evil whisper of Satan in our mind and thought, but to put our mind and thought on how to please our God and do his will and obey his words and commands so that all may go well with us.


I pray that may God help us to be humble to his word and keep his commands. May he deliver us from all the evil plans of Satan.

May the peace of God be with you all.