Gospel message of the day


I welcome you Brothers and Sisters in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. May God keep you and Favour you. May He make his light shine all over you in Jesus name.

In the book of John 17:17-19, Jesus said the father should sanctify us by the truth of his word. We should return to the source of truth.

The source of truth is a place where we go to find truth about God. A place where we run to and discover the truth about his kingdom. But now we are living in a world where truth had been rejected, in a world where truth no longer matter. Where those who bring the truth had been persecuted. People no longer interested or delighted in hearing the main truth about the Gospel of Christ and the righteousness of his kingdom.

But there was a time when truth was really honoured and respected, in the old days. But nowadays the truth is fading away and disappearing even right from the House of God. Those who are to speak the truth has traded the truth for fame and power and worldly pleasure. They had sold the truth of God for there own selfish gain and no longer for the interest of Christ whom they stand for. They say pleasant things to sweet the mind of the people who come to hear truth and never rebuke and correct their wrongs. So that people may be sound minded and pure.

The Lord Jesus prays for us that the Father may sanctify us, so that we may know the truth and return to it with all our heart and soul and mind. For it is the truth that will save us from death, pain and sorrows, difficulties and distresses. It’s only the truth of God’s word that will make our lives better and at peace. Or else, we will struggle with many things in this life and even in the life after death. For there is a life after death.

I pray that God may sanctify our heart with the truth of his word. So that we may live a Holy, joyful and peaceful life. May the good Lord bless you and keep you with love and truth.




Yours faithfully,

Pastor Kollins Arthur





Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord.

God has made all of us in a unique way. Everyone is unique in his or her own way. Two people are not made the same way. God has made all of us special and wonderful. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. But we must search out our own uniqueness. We must draw closer to God to help us recognise our own special uniqueness. And not to duplicate or imitate another person gift.

According to the bible, After Moses the man of God has passed away, God called Joshua, and He said to Joshua, my servant Moses has joined his ancestor, and now prepare to carry the Israelite to the land I promise their ancestor. God said He would do a new thing, that the old former things are gone.

So, God did great thing through Joshua as He did through Moses, but in a different uniqueness. When we discover our own uniqueness, we become more effective in it without confusing. Then we operate according to our own destiny and not in a destiny of another person. We become successful and great.

Brothers and sisters, I pray that God would help you to recognise your own uniqueness and work on it, so that you may become whom God has made you to be.

May God’s love and mercy be with you always.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kollins Arthur






Glory be to the Almighty God in heaven; our God is a good God and honour be to his Holy name. He is a wonderful God, the everlasting father. We thank you Lord for your unfailing love upon us.

Bless you brethren in Christ, we thank God for another opportunity to share with you the word of salvation. My prayer is that you will be bless with his word and your life will not remain the same.

In the book of 1 Thessalonian 5:15-24.

There are two important things as a child of God and as a believer we must not do. First, God says we must not pay wrong with wrong. This is a great advice God gave to us as his children. We must not pay evil with evil. We should think through what we are doing before caring it out. Secondly, we must do everything in our power to do what is good before God and everyone.

The reason why God said we must not pay wrong with wrong, its because when someone encourage you badly, its leads to evil desire, and evil desire leads to evil influence and evil influence can cause evil ideas. Bad advice leads us to wrong way, then you start thinking paying back wrong with wrong will give you the satisfaction you desire but at the end its not true, you become more deeper into evil. Paying wrong with wrong does not satisfy you as you think but brings more pain and fear in our life.

Brethren, its better to allow God to avenge for us than to take vengeance in our own hands. So that we may have peace of mind and free conscience to pray to God. Allow God’s will to be done in our life, because only what He plan for us can come to pass and stay. We should ask God for grace and strength to be calm when someone wronged us and wait patiently for his deliverance from our enemies who surround us.

May God strengthen your heart and soul and gives you his perfect peace in every area of your life.

God bless you.


Yours faithful in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kollins Arthur





I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May God’s grace, may God’s love and may God’s peace abide with you in Jesus name.

Brethren Jesus went through a sacrifice for our sake and we must appreciate that and give him all the glory and all the honour everyday of our life without dispute. we must thank him everyday of our life for his goodness and kindnesses upon us.

God want us to forget about the former things that has happened in our lives, the unpleasant situations or circumstances that makes us sad and makes us feel condemn. He want us to look forward and focus on the future. Whenever the Lord wants to do a new thing, old things passed away, and new thing began in our life. The salvation of the Lord is the new thing the Lord is about to do in our lives.

Brethren, what is Salvation means? It means we had been save from sin and death. It also means we have receive freedom from the sin that enslave me and you. Salvation is also means Deliverance from the powers of darkness and forces of Satan. It also means Redemption of our soul.

Jesus death and resurrection is to save me and you from eternal death. Bible says “for God so love the world that He gave his only begotten son,....”for God is not willing to destroy us his creation has He did before in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Then somebody must be use for sacrifice to take away my pains, my sickness and the wrath of God from my soul. And that somebody is Jesus Christ the son of God. Jesus died that we may have eternal life and our sins would be forgiven.

Therefore, fellow believers in Christ Jesus, let us give great thanks to God in heaven always for given his only begotten son Jesus as atoning sacrifice for our sins. Let us give ourselves fully to his will as we look forward for the redemption of our soul when he calls us home.

May the Spirit of Jesus Christ guide your heart and soul as you wait for the manifestation of his glorious salvation upon us who truly believe in him.

Peace be with you always.


Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour

Pastor Kollins Arthur