Gospel message of the day


Greetings brethren in the Lord Jesus, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Today, we look at the book of Genesis 42 from verse 33, but i encourage you to read from verse 1 to the end. It talks about when Joseph, son of Jacob became a prime minister in the land of Egypt. And during a particular drought season the rest of Jacob’s sons went to Egypt to look for grain to buy in order to feed there starving household. The story goes on and on....

But the point we are bring to you in this story is about the response of Jacob their father when he was told that the Prime minister of Egypt ask them to bring Benjamin there last brother to him. Jacob was stree out and said in one of his statment “...everything is working against me...” the reason Jacob said these is that he was totally downcast within him, he don’t know why unfortunate things always happen to him alone.

At this point, Jacob was at his moment of limitation. As a human we all have limitation in life. We are bound to limitation, a point in our life that we can no longer continue with what is going on around us. We felt like to give up with life. We cant always endure or handle the situation that confront us every moment.We felt like the whole world is against us, every attempt to solve our challenges did not work. We were really at our moment of giving up with our life.

But i came to tell you today, that there is someone who is able to help you to fix every difficulties that confront you in life. You can mention them, it doesn’t matter how big or small or many the problems are, He is able to do more than we think or even ask for. His name is JESUS ChRIST, the son of the Living God. He doesn’t have limitation like you and me. He is always alert, awaking, active, and powerful to overcome everything that confront him. And if you are willing to obey him and live your life for him ALONE , He will help you to overcome every challenges that comes on your way.You need to believe that what i’m telling you is true and not a lie. You don’t need to pay money for him to help you. All you need to do is first to talk to yourself, if you are ready to give yourself fully to him.

Talk very well to yourself , And when you had make up your mind to live your life for CHRIST alone, then go on your knee and tell him that i am ready to live my life for you alone and walk with you. I give up my old ways of life and i embrace your ways alone. Then tell him, to guide you into his ways. Then look for a true  Christ followers group, it doesnt takes so long, then everything is new and beautiful in your life, all you needed is to continue to call on his name day after day and love him for who is. For He is the Saviour, Merciful, Compassionate, and Gracious God, who is full of Love and Peace.

Dont forget to get a living Bible for yourself and meditate it as often as you can, so that you may know him much more through his word.

CHRIST IS FULL OF LOVE AND GRACE. He never get tired to help you. Talk to him yourself, for He cares for you and me.

May the Love of Christ Jesus dwell in your heart, soul, mind and spirit forever. Amen

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and merciful saviour. Peace be with you always.

Pastor Kollins Arthur




Bless you brethren in the Lord Jesus, Greetings. Today’s message is unclean Spirit, Which means impure spirit., Whatever is unclean means in not right , is not good, is Satanic and demonic. they are evil spirits,they are the spirit of the devil who has taking over human minds, heart and soul.They make you do or say the things that you dont like to do or say, they makes you unhappy when you dont even necessarily need to be sad and upset. They produce all kinds of sinful nature in you which is contrary to the ways of God.

This evil beings are unseen with ordinary human eyes, you can’t hold them or touch them, though they can hold you and touch you and even possess you. They can also possess animals and even material things. They are disgusting and detestable. They want to take dominion over our lives, and dictate for us how our life should be. They are not a friend to no one, and they have no regard for anyone. They are bloodthirsty deceiful spirit.they are great in wickedness and delight in pains and sorrow of we human. They ruin and destroy life and things.

As a followers of Christ, when you are dealing with them, you need to be very careful,you need to know the kind of evil spirit you are dealing with,either they are giant ones or less powerful ones.  For the word of God says, we are not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalites, powers and authority, wicked ones in the heavenly realms..Therefore it is very good to be fully aware of the kind of enemy you are dealing with, they are very dangerous being full of wickedness.

You can only overcome them when you are fully in Christ Jesus and full of great faith,prayer, power, and authority of God.You can only overcome them when your heart and mind are fully with the Lord Jesus.when your heart and mind are fully set on the kingdom of God alone. Then, whatever you bound on earth by the power of God, shall and would be bound in heavenly realm.

You cannot overcome them if you are still thinking and not full make up your mind how to serve the Lord well, you cannot overcome them if your mind is still base and control by worldly passion and desire.You cannot overcome them if you are lazy in Christ and seaching for excuses why you are unstable in God.

Therefore i will encourage you not to make an attempt to cast evil out of someone for they might harm you badly because you are not yet fully standing in the way of Christ and not fully armor with the power of God.  And they will not even obeys you when you cast them out of yourself.

Brethren, for you to be free from evil spirit,  you need to look for a prayerful church full of power and righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and be fully part of them and be prayerful also yourself.

You cannot fully be set free, if you are attending a weak, powerless and prayerless church. You need to be fervent in prayer and be full with the word of God and have faith in Christ.

God said resist the devil and he will flee from you. Only when you are full of prayer and not when you are lazy and weak in spirit.

Remember, the powerful prayer of a righteous man avails much. May the peace of God be with your soul. Amen


Bless you in Christ,

Pastor Kollins Arthur




Praise the Lord, God bless you all, I welcome you all in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Once again I come to you today to share the good news about Jesus Christ with you. I want you to know that God loves you, I want you to know that God cares for you. I am not here to castigate you or condemn you, but God sent me here to share the word of Light, the word of strength, the word of encouragement, to let you know that there is Light, there is hope. God is keeping us alive for a purpose and that purpose no man can stop it.

Devil has made you to feel sometime that it is over with you, he made you to have the feeling of nothing good can happen in your life, but I want you to know that devil is a liar, he is a big liar, he has fail and he will continue to fail, satan cannot decide what will happen in your life. God is the only person who has the final decision of what happen in our life either good or bad. God is the creator and judges of all things.Therefore dear brothers and sisters, do not fear and do not  trembling, whatever the enemy is doing . God will give you victory over them and you will give glory and praise to God for his great love and mercy.

Stay strong and stay focus in Christ, be consistent in your prayer and in your true devotion to God. Do not associate with people whose mind and spirit are control by Satan. Stay away from such people so that the enemy,the devil will not use them to discourage and deceive you from the way of Christ. Stay close with the true followers of Christ that can strenghten you and encourage you to remain truthful and loyal to God.

And have faith that God will not leave you and neither will He forsake you. May the good Lord empowers you more and more. And grant you the grace and power to stand in Christ till the end.

God bless you.

Your in christ Jesus our Lord and saviour,

Pastor Kollins Arthur



Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus around the world, I greet you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the mercy and grace of God continue to be upon you. Today, the Lord want to talk to us about Faith in the time of troubles and difficulties.

Brethren, I want you to be rest assure that God knows what you want and needed in life. I want you to be confident that God knows whatever you are going through,for He has not forgotten you. I want you to know in your heart that the Lord Jesus is going to do a new thing in your life for he has not forgotten his people.There are some circumstances that looks unmovable, the Lord is going to move them out of your way in the name of Jesus. Some situations looks unshakeable, they oppress the children of God, they holds you down, that you cannot be what the Lord what you to be.

I have a good news for you brothers and sisters, the Lord is going to deal with every situations and circumstances that has tied you down. I dont know how you think or what you are thinking, but one thing I do know is that the Lord Jesus will never and has never leave or forgotten those that seek him diligently with all there heart and soul. He has not never forgotten his chosen ones, the people he has elect and select for his kingdom.

Be rest assure and let your mind be reset that the Lord knows everything that we are going through in this life.When God is with you, you are not to be afraid in life, you are not to be afraid of the threat that comes from your enemies. You are not to pay attention to what people around you are saying about you, but know that the God you serve will see you through and sees you through it powerfully in the name of Jesus.

May the annointing of God rest upon your heart so that you may be strong and conrageous. And have Faith in Christ always.


God bless you

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour,

Pastor Kollins Arthur