Gospel message of the day


Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus around the world, I greet you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the mercy and grace of God continue to be upon you. Today, the Lord want to talk to us about Faith in the time of troubles and difficulties.

Brethren, I want you to be rest assure that God knows what you want and needed in life. I want you to be confident that God knows whatever you are going through,for He has not forgotten you. I want you to know in your heart that the Lord Jesus is going to do a new thing in your life for he has not forgotten his people.There are some circumstances that looks unmovable, the Lord is going to move them out of your way in the name of Jesus. Some situations looks unshakeable, they oppress the children of God, they holds you down, that you cannot be what the Lord what you to be.

I have a good news for you brothers and sisters, the Lord is going to deal with every situations and circumstances that has tied you down. I dont know how you think or what you are thinking, but one thing I do know is that the Lord Jesus will never and has never leave or forgotten those that seek him diligently with all there heart and soul. He has not never forgotten his chosen ones, the people he has elect and select for his kingdom.

Be rest assure and let your mind be reset that the Lord knows everything that we are going through in this life.When God is with you, you are not to be afraid in life, you are not to be afraid of the threat that comes from your enemies. You are not to pay attention to what people around you are saying about you, but know that the God you serve will see you through and sees you through it powerfully in the name of Jesus.

May the annointing of God rest upon your heart so that you may be strong and conrageous. And have Faith in Christ always.


God bless you

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour,

Pastor Kollins Arthur




Bless you brethren in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Another week has come again to share with you the word of salvation, the word of healing and strenght, may the grace and mercy of the Lord Jesus be pour in abundant measure upon your soul. Amen

Brethren, whatever we have today in our lives,whatever we have achieve and become today, it wasn’t by anyone’s doing, but it is by the grace and mercy of the Lord. Therefore I would bless the Lord at all times for what He has done for me and my household, and his praise and thanksgiving would always be on my lips. The Lord has been good to us all even though we may not see it or refuse to recognized it, but God has been good to us all.Amen

In the book of Ehpesians 2:1-9, Bible said we were dead in our sins and transgression in which we use to live when we follow the way of this world and of the rulers of the kingdom of the air which is Satan and his evil angels. The spirits who is still at work in those who are disobedient to the word of God.

Brethren, we all know that transgression is sin and the wages of sin is death. When we see evil and refuse to condemn it, then sin is within our heart and soul. When we appreciate and praise what is improper and right and descent  in the eyes of God, When we call evil good and call good evil, then the evil ones in the dark world controls our mind and spirit. But Christ came and gave himself for me and you in order to deliver us from the power of the wicked spirit that control our thoughts and ways. we receive grace and forgiveness of sin.

And God who is rich in mercy and Love forgave our iniquity and grant us salvation through the blood of Jesus. We were bought and redeem by the blood of the lamb of God. And therefore we no longer belong to ourself, we now belong to Christ who purchase us with his precious blood, we are to live our life to please the man who redeem us from the anger and wrath of God.

We are not to be lazy and weak and grumbling or finding excuses in doing the service of Christ who is God in all. We are to give our wholeself fully to him and do everything to please him in everyway. Our inward being and outward being must be fully giving to the Lord Jesus. For he gave himself fully to us and we are to do the same back to him.

We are to love him with all our heart, soul and mind. Nothing should be left behind without giving to the Lord, i:e our thought, our desire, our body and our strenght, all should be for the glory of Christ Jesus and not for ourself.

Apart from these, we can be very sure that we are heading to the place that is full of pain and destruction of our soul. Remember, our righteousness is not enough to save us, only by giving ourself to the Lord Jesus.

Do not be deceive “the Lord knows those who are his own”. Brother and Sister, serve the Lord with a pure heart and truth and He would not dissappoint you in any way. The Lord knows the heart of all men.

May the Grace and Mercy of the Lord Jesus be with you always.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Kollins Arthur


Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. It’s a great priviledge to bring the word of God to you once again. Our message today is CONSTANT FAITH. In the book of Acts of Apostles 16: “Apostle Paul and Silas were been imprisoned for no offence at all, but due to deliverance of a young girl from impure spirit. The Apostles were been flogged and treated shamefully for losing a person from bondage of demons and powers of darkness. But despite there ill-treatment from the people and been locked in imprison for no reason, they did not give up in there faith and there loyalty to God.

They continually praying and giving thanks to God,even in there pain and distress. they lift up there voices in worship and praises to God.They did not complain or grumble in there heart to God and ask why are we going through all these difficulties.They stand firm in there faith and they accept the word of Jesus that says we shall be persecuted for the sake of the gospel. They embrace the situation that confront them and find strength in Christ to continue there devotion to God’s calling. They were not entertaining themselves with sorrow and looking for sympathy from other inmate. But they find courage and hope in God and remain constant in there faith.

Because of there unmovable and unwaver faith in Christ, despite there shameful and painful situation, they render fervent worship and prayer to God in heaven who can deliver them, and God who is great in power and mercy did not abandon his chosen and faithful ones. He send his power into the prison to set his people free from the bondage of the enemy. According to the bible, in the midnight God sent strong wind to the prison that shake even the foundation of the prison and loose the chains of all the prisoners.

Brethren, this is the kind of faith and actions that God require from me and you. An unmovable and unshakeable faith in any situation that comes on our way. God want me and you to stand strong in Christ.We should develop the same altitude of the apostles and imitate there faith. In this way, we can be very sure that our God would not abandon us to the realm of the dead and neither will He forsaken us.

God loves us brothers, but He also want us to be strong and stand firm in our devotion to him. He allows challenges to come on our way in order to test our faith in him to see how strong or how weak we are. So that the enemy Satan would know those of us who really belong to Christ fully in our heart.

Therefore I encourage you today to build your faith up in Christ Jesus through fervent prayers and worship of God,in meditation of God’s word daily. And in fellowship with true brethren in Christ. By so doing your faith is growing rapidly, and when the day of evil come, then you will be able to stand well and be an overcomer by the power of God.

Brethren, I wish you Power, Strength, and Grace in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Bless you!!!


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Kollins Arthur



Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord, I greet you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is our first weekly gospel message for the year 2021. 2020 was a challenging year for the whole world even to the church of Christ, But God in His Mighty Power has seen us through. And we are deeply grateful to the Lord for his love and mercy upon us. And as a church of Christ, we use this opportunity to extend our condolense to the family of those who passed on to eternal glory, we pray that there soul may rest in the bossom of the Lord. And we also pray for good health and strenght for those who are still battling with one sickness or the other. May the Lord grant healing to everyone.

Brethren in Christ, in the book of John 15:26, Jesus said He will send gift of the Holy Spirit to us, the Spirit of Truth , that is the Holy Spirit. The question is Who is the Holy Spirit? I would like to say, Holy Spirit is Jesus without boundary and limitation. He is the power of God, He is everywhere at everytime. He helps us to understand the word of God. Holy Spirit is Jesus in a crowd, we feel him but we cannot hold him.

Holy Spirit is Jesus without criterieum, who does not count our past sins and mistakes against us. His love is unconditioner love. He gives us the boldness to preach the gospel of Jesus to the poor, to the thirsty, to the rejected, and to the helpless. He helps us to speak the word of God without fear or favour.

Holy Spirit is the one who evangelise on behalf of his own ministry, when he evangelise, the result last for generation to generation to come. He is the one who deliver us from demonic oppressionand confusion. He is the one that gives us the confidence to pray, without the Holy Spirit, we cannot put our prayers together. He is the one who helps us to pray no matter how annointed we are,we cannot come before the presence of God without the Holy Spirit. When we pray, the Holy Spirit guides our spirit through the prayer and reveal Jesus to us.

He is the one who stay with us when everyone deserted us. He is the one who breaks the heart of a stubborn person and made him or her to submit to the authority of Christ and begin to request for more and more of Christ power and glory.

Brothers and sisters, we can keep on writing more about the Holy spirit, but we have to round up. Without the Holy Spirit in our life, we cannot enter the kingdom of God, for the word of God says, those who live by the Spirit of God,are the sons of God. Now you see how important the Holy Spirit is in our life. We must ask the Father to send his Spirit into heart and gives us the obedient heart to listen to the him and obey his will.

May the good Lord strenghten us in this new year 2021 and gives us the humble heart and mind to walk with the Holy spirit.

God bless you and happy new year.

Yours in Chrsit Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kolis Arthur