Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, I’m here to encourage you on how to live a discipline life as a child of God. In the book of Hebrews 12:7-11, God talks about discipline as a major key of our life and we his children must undergo discipline for our life to be successful and for our ways to be pleasing to him.

And for us to live a life that is discipline by God, we must truly seek God from our heart in prayer for changes and we must humbly and respectfully submit to the right leader that God has place over us for correction and guidance, and also meditate on the word of God daily. In doing these, a new thing begins in our life, then we are no longer the same person we were before, our mind of knowledge and understanding grows rapidly. Then we will be able to make a right decision that would bring prosperity and peace to our life. And in so doing, we are living a discipline life as a child of God.

When a child of God is not well disciplined, his/her attitude and character contradict the Way of Christ he follows, he may be serving God well enough, but his knowledge and wisdom and understanding would be low, and his spiritual growth and authority would be less. Discipline helps us to grow in the Lord rapidly; it helps us to walk in the right path of life that God has prepared for us with full knowledge and wisdom that comes from God. Discipline produces good character, patient, humbleness, endurances and self control.

For more knowledge about discipline, you can read the book of proverbs 10:17, proverbs 12:1 and also proverbs 13:18, for more enlightenment.

Remember, a discipline life is the life that pleases God, God loves a discipline person, and discipline brings us closer to our glorious destiny. Bible says “whom God loves, God discipline”, therefore I encourage you today to accept discipline as a right path of life of God.

Thank you all, and always remember God loves you first. May the peace of the Lord be with you.