Beloved, God’s Children, when you believe in the Lord Jesus and live right with him, he would watch over you and protect you from all evil and from all the schemes of the devil. For God is our guardian, our stronghold and refuge in the time of troubles and difficulties. He would take away everything that causes fear and sin out of our life, so that we may live a righteous and holy life that pleases Him. For Christ has not given us the Spirit of fear, but rather the spirit of love, confidence, boldness and sound mind, so that we may live in peace and enjoy his grace and love in this land of living.

To live right for God means that we must always resist all kinds of evil, totally avoid them, and to strongly condemn it, to be always prayerful and strong in the Lord and not doubt the power of God and what he can do, to always believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation of every soul, and to believe that He would not let His children that believe in him down. For he has said “The righteous shall live by faith”.

To overcome the forces of enemies and powers of darkness in our life, we need to be fervent in our prayers and exercise the name of Jesus with authority and power that is on it. He has given us authority to cast out every spirit that is within us that causes and makes us behave in an ungodly manner.

He has given us authority over the spirit of confusion in our life, over the spirit of fear, rejection, failure, weakness, backsliding, evil thought, jealousy, envies, sickness, and tiredness of life.

We should exercise the name of Jesus with authority, and confidently call the Holy Ghost fire to come down from heaven and consume the demons and powers of darkness, to neutralize the destructive spirit in the heavenly realm, to break loose their strongholds, to conquered them with authority and power that Christ has given us, Beloved, for power is in our hands.

Beloved, live in power of God every day, and remain in God’s strength. May God’s grace never depart from you all. God bless you.