Greetings dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,I'm here today to enlighten and strengthen you more in your faith.In life, many people had set there minds on only positive things always without thinking that there are days when things change and turn other way round.When good things happen to us,we are so happy and bless God,we rejoice and full of thanksgiving to God,but when bad things happen and unexpected events come around us,we become bitter and begin to cast blames on everyone and even unto God.We begin to talk and speak like unbeliever and ungodly person,We speak down on our own blessings,we ask many questions why things go bad.
But we forget that God said in his Holy Word that " arm yourself with the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes,we may be able to stand against the schemes of Satan".Many Christians are ignorant of the day of evil,they are not prepared,and neither do they aware of the schemes of Satan. In there minds, they only expect good and blessings always not bad.

Bible said,in all things, we ought to give thanks to God, praise his Holy name,exalt him, acknowledge him,reverence him, and bless him.For He is our life,our healer, our refuge and fortress,our stronghold in times of distress and in time of difficulties. Without him we can do nothing,we are empty without Christ, for in him we live and move and have our being.He changeth not, his love for us always remain the same.

We should be hopeful and not giving up in time of our challenges and distress,we should not speak down on our God and on all his blessings upon us.Bible said "if there is a hope for a tree that had been cut off but sprout out again,then there is a hope for me and you.  For if there is live, then there is hope.Only those who are alive can hope for better tomorrow.And when you belief in God and call upon his name without giving up,He will surely make all things work for good for you.All that God need from me and you is to be fervent in our prayer and be grateful and thankful in all things,for that his is will for us who love him.
Brothers and Sisters, believers in Christ Jesus our Lord,I urge you today to draw more closer to God,so that He may empowers you with strength and ability to stand in the days of challenges.
And always know that God loves you first. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

Remain Bless!!!

Pastor Kolis Arthur