Bless you dear brothers and sisters. We give thanks to God for another opportunity He gave to us to write to you the word of encouragement of today. May your soul be bless as you read and meditate on this word. In the book of Number 21:4-9. The Israelites grew impatient with the Lord in the wilderness, they complained and spoke blasphemous words to God and to Moses his servant, the Lord was very angry with them and sent a venomous snake to bite them and kill them. All these happen to them because of the impatient and ungrateful behavior and altitude. 

Brethren in Christ, in life it is very important not to be impatient, to succeed in life, it is not good to be impatient but rather to be grateful and learn to be patient. But why is it important to be grateful? When you are grateful, it opens the heart of God to answer the prayer that you had put before him. Bible says we should be thankful in all situations, both in bad situation and in good situation.  

We should do our best not to forget our past, how far the Lord had brought us, how many trials and difficulties he had helped us to overcome in life. When we forget our past easily, then we can easily forget to be grateful. 

We must recognize who God is to us in our life, for it is by him that we are who we are today. if not the Lord that was on our side, the enemy would have destroyed our life and end it for us in pain and in sorrow. We should not grow impatient with the Lord and become abusive and blasphemy like the ungrateful Israelite in the wilderness. Or else, we also would soon be destroy like them. 

May the wisdom and knowledge of the Holy God be in our heart. And may his word never depart from our mind. Peace and grace and Mercy be with you in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. 


Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

Pastor Kollins Arthur