Bless you Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus around the world. I greet you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. May the grace of God abide with you forever. Our word of encouragement today is meant to transform our lives and grant us the anointing of revelation and discernment. What is opportunity? Opportunity is a favourable situation life, a favourable circumstance that God brought on our ways so that we may achieve our goal and dreams in life.

God has given all of us many opportunities in life, both physical needs opportunity and Spiritual needs opportunity. For examples:  opportunity to know God and serve him well. Opportunity to receive salvation for our soul through the undiluted word of God, opportunity to have a better life in this life through opening doors and favour. And many more opportunities God made available to us.


And now, it depends on us what we do with it. If we make good use of the opportunity God has provided for us, our life will be very great and successful without pain and sorrow and neither distress, but perfect peace shall accompany us in every way. we will lack nothing.

But the problems are, many of us do not grab the opportunity God made available, we waited for so long, we complained and grumbled in about things and issues till the privilege is being taking away from us.

Made children of God does not have the insight to recognise a good opportunity. They reject God’s favour ignorantly and they keep on praying to the same for the things He has provided but rejected by our own hands. And many people give up out of frustration of thinking God does not accept their prayers which were not so.

I believe the solution to all these circumstances is constant meditation of the word of God and ask God for insight to recognise good things and good people. And ask for more patient and tolerance in life.

May the grace and mercy of the Lord be with all of us in life.


Yours sincerely in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Pastor Kollins Arthur