Brethren in Christ Jesus our Lord and saviour, In the book of John 4:23 “the Lord Jesus said a time is coming and the time is now, when the true worshipper we will worship the father in Spirit and truth for they are the kind of worshippers the father seeks.” For God is a spirit and his worshippers must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Brothers and sisters in the Lord, this is a fundamental precept about God, this is his rules, this is how He want me and you to honour him, not how we like it. We must not do as pleases us. We must follow his way and not our own way.

In these situation brethren, I believe the Lord Jesus makes it easy for us, by telling us how he wants his service to be done, sometimes it is difficult to really know the kind of worship someone prefer. but in God’s case, He has made it easy by giving us a guidance steps to follow.

A proper worship is not only to sing a song every day or to go to church regularly, or to give to the poor and read your bible daily. No, but a proper worship that God desire from us is first to Acknowledge him in every area of our lives. And to know that the Most High is not a servant but a King, a great King.

And whenever we come before his presence or open our mouth in praise to him, we must realize that the God of Heaven and earth is not an ordinary person. We must reverence him deeply from our heart and bow our heads down before him and go on our kneels before the creator of all things and the Lord of all spirits and mankind. For He knows everything that is in our hearth and mind, and He cannot be deceive by anyone patronizing words or songs. He prefers we open our heart and mind to him fully and worship him or serve him from our inner being and not on outward service.

When we serve him in these ways, then there is a great changes and transformation in our lives. When our spirit and our heart fully devoted to him, then all things are possible for us, and nothing will be able to stand against us. This is a proper worship that God require from us.

May his Spirit draws our hearts and minds to the true worship of God, may his compassion and love moves our spirit to his worship. God bless you as you make effort to please him in every way.

Peace be with you always.


Pastor Kollins Arthur