Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. The message I have for you today is “be uplifted from the spirit of weakness and distress.” There are many who are downcast in heart and mind, there are many who at the edge of giving up life and contemplating suicide. There are many whom Satan has decided to frustrate their lives and their peace, so many people are in one distress.

We all face struggles of various kinds; some are self-afflicted, and others are not.  Discouragement is a thief.  It steals your vitality, your zeal, your joy, your peace, and your contentment.  If discouragement dwells long with you, its friends will soon join.  Their names are fatigue, hopelessness, despair, self-pity, depression, doubt, and bitterness.

We need to take comfort in what Christ has done on the cross and how Jesus’ sacrifice guarantees that God loves us and is watching out for us. Keeping your eyes on Jesus is the best way to be encouraged and to overcome distress and difficulties of life. In Him, you can have comfort and peace, and encouragement.  You need to find Him and His words, and by faith rest in Him.

Encouragement is something that belongs to you as a Christian.  You do not have to live in a world of hurt and doubt. You don’t have to live alone. You don’t have to weep in solitude.  You have the body of Christ to lift you up.  You have the Word of God to teach you.  You have the Holy Spirit indwelling in you who warms your soul. But you need to trust. You need to remember the Lord’s blessing.  You need to depend on Him.  You need to keep your eyes on Jesus and Him alone.

May the God who gives comfort and encouragement comfort your heart and mind and lift you up from distress and sorrow. May the peace of God be with you always.


Yours faithfully in Christ Jesus.

Pastor Kollins Arthur