Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord. It is honour and great pleasure to share the word of Knowledge of God with you. Today the Lord want to enlighten us about provocation. In life provocation is not meant to make you comfortable or relax, provocation can be very irritating, it is not meant to be make you satisfied. Some provocation were meant to wake us up and seek God in prayer.

There is a story of a woman in the bible whose name is Hannah, Hannah was barren ,she couldn’t borne a child but she was comfortable with her situation. She don’t see why she has to pray to God for changes. She became relaxed and unconcerned until  her husband Elkannah marry another woman Peninnah. And God allow Peninnah to conceive and born children for Elkannah .In a long run, Peninnah begins to provoke Hannah, and whenever Peninnah realizes she has conceived she would provoke Hannah heavily till Hannah could no longer eat or drink. When the provocation became much for Hannah to bear, she became irritated and wept and wept before God to remember her and consider her misery . And God answer Hannah’s prayer and bless her with a son named Samuel.

Today, God allow some people to be in our life in order to provoke us ,to get us irritated about the challenges and situation  that confront us. For us not to become comfortable and relaxed about it but for us to pray and ask God to turn situation around for us. Hannah became relaxed about her barrenness until the rival came and begin to provoke her, then Hannah remember there is God in Heaven who can turn situations around and make a way where there is seems to be no way.

Brethren, don’t turn the provocation of people around you to be hatred or fight but turn the matter to God in fervent prayer.  And see what God would do in your life. Seek God and you will be found by him. May the peace of God strengthen your heart and mind. And always remember God loves you first before you start loving him.

Peace be with you.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Pastor Kollins Arthur