Bless you dear brothers and sisters, its a great privileged and honour to enlighten you with the word of knowledge from God’s word. Bible said with God we can overcome every situation that confront us. But before we can overcome our situations, we must first come before the presence of God. We must have divine access into the presence of the living God in the spiritual realm. For God is Spirit and those who serve him must serve him in Spirit and in truth.

We must connect to God in mind and in Spirit. Going to church is good, but its not enough, reading our bible is good, very good but still not enough. For us to have access to God is for us to open our heart and mind to God’s word first and allow his word to take hold of our ways of live and change us to God’s ways of life. We cannot have access to God when we are not willing to allow his word to transform our minds and change our ways. We will only find ourselves struggling with our Christian live but no progress in the spirit realm.

When we submit our heart and mind to God ‘s word, He (God) send his Holy Spirit to our heart to open access to us to get connect to him in Spirit realm, because of our reverent submission to his word. But when we are arrogant and stubborn to his word and unwilling to accept his guidance in our heart and live by it, then we cannot receive access to his presence. “For God resist the proud but gives grace to the humble to come near him”.

By receiving access to god’s presence in the heavenly realm, then we receive power and authority to bound and uproot any situation that confront us both physically and spiritually. Then we can overcome everything.

May the good Lord grant us the grace to be humble before his word. And accept it into our heart till his word change us completely.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Pastor Kollins Arthur