Brethren I bring you greetings from the Almighty God, may his grace and peace be upon us all. I want us to look into important of while we need to have an agreement with God in Spirit and in truth. Coming into an agreement is a process , having undertanding between you and God it takes time, ti takes patient and endurance,

Just as it is with husband and wife when they have dissagreement with themself often, they cannot live together as one,it brings quarrel and disagreement everyday on little things that makes no sense.The dissagreement affect the daughter to the mother, father to the son, it causes disuntiy among the family, it affect the children study academically and the family unity. And so also it is in business, without agreement between the two partners, the business cannot be executed successfully until the proper process that would enable understanding between them takes place.

That is why it is very important to have a deep agreement that base on God’s wisdom that would bring success. It looks hard, it would take time, it may delay, at the end it would be successful because God’s hand is on it.

Brethren, the problem is that we want everything right and we dont want to go through the process that it takes to come into an agreement, then we jump into conclusion because of impatient, then we change focus into another thing else.

Agreement is a difficult thing, it is a journey, it develop overtime and it enrich itself through experience and eventually we come into one accord, that is where the glory lies, that is where the strenght lies. And as the Bible says in the Act of Apostle 3: 1-2, when the Apostle came together in one accord, in agreement, suddenly the power of God came in a violent wind upon them, and they started speaking in tongues in a different languages.

It took them days to agree together, but when they finally agree, the glory of God came upon them, the favour of God came, and the doors were opening on there behalf.

So brothers and sisters, in conclusion agreement require negotiation and commitment, maturity and proper process and it require also deep focus and seeking the face of God and his righteousness for divine direction. So let’s be patient when things are not going in the way we want it and expect. Knowing that the Lord is in control and working on our behalf. “For he that laugh last, always laugh the best”.

God bless you all for spending time to read this encouraging words of God. May you be bless in Jesus Name.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Kollins Arthur