Brethren in Christ, I brought you greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus. The word backsliding is a disease, it’s a sign of backwardness, a sign of giving up,  a sign of running from problems, running from pain, running from difficulties. They are all diseases that the enemy the devil has place upon us in order to loose hope in life.

But God said in his word, that He would heal us from the spirit of backsliding (Jeremiah 3:22), He also said He would heal us from the spirit of backwardness, heal us from the spirit of giving up and heals us from the spirit of “I can’t make it... ,I don’t think I can survive these...., I think am going to die.

I only have one word for you brothers and sisters, stop running away from yourself and face what you have to face once and for all. You cannot cure what you are not willing to confront and you cannot become what God want you to be, if you keep on running away from problems and Pains.

You cannot even respect your ownself, if you keep on running from challenges.

In the book of Genesis 16:4-15 “ God told Hagar who was running away from her Mistress Sarai when she disrecpectful, God told Hagar to go back to her Mistress and submit herself to her, before she can be bless, for that is where the blessing is between Sarai and Abraham and not in desert of dry places. There is nothing there for her in the desert where she run to until she return back and face her problems,then heaven will open on her behalf.

So brothers and sisters in Christ, stop leaving in “ I almost made it..., I almost achieve it..., I almost succeded...., I almost get married....” they are all diseases and a curses.”

Believe in God and seek his face and his righteousness and He would fight your battle for you in Jesus name.

May you be bless in the name of Jesus. Amen