Greetings from the Lord brothers and sisters,today the Lord want to speak to us about these three words DISTINGUISH, IMPORTANT AND HUMILIATED. In the book of 1John 2:18 “the word of God talks about the spirit of Anti-Christ that is coming to take over the mind of people of God...When was the last time we talk about the Lord on the dinning table with our family or with our children, you ask yourself when was the last time you talk to the Lord on your car or your bicycle . The bible says we are in the last hour which means the last minute and the last days.

He says in the last days the Antichrist will come and even now as we are talking, the antichrist are already among us, in our churches, at our working places, as our friends .these antichrist are among us without we even knowing it , sometime they become friends to us, they  become important persons in our life. These antichrist project themselve to be good people in our life.there purpose is that the little light of Christ in our heart, they are been sent by the devil to quench that light of God in us and take us away from the presence of God. There purpose is to make sure that they bring us down and make us godless like Esau.

These antichrist saw the light of God in us,they come closer to our life so that they can destroy the purpose of God, they want to destroy the faith and believe you have in Christ.The person possess by the spirit of antichrist,when they come into our life, they come like as if they care for you , they come like as if they want to help you to know God.

Brothers and sisters, the bible says we should be vigilant about them.when we invite them to the house for prayers, the antichrist dont like to come but they may pretend for sometime but at the end they will leave, and when they leave we should worry our self why they leave even though you had not done anything wrong against they. They left because there purpose could not be accomplish.

May God grant us the ability to stand strong when the ungodly people around us decided to stay away from us. Stay Bless