The Chosen One

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Those whom God have chosen are special,unique, untouchable because the mighty hand of God is strongly upon them.

But in a physical realm they look ordinary and they themselves did not even know who they are in the eyes of God.

They often downplay and speak down of themself and give up easily when the goal gets though.Because they are divinely chosen,God in one way or the other still find them and direct them through his ways to enable them to discover there divine purpose and destiny on earth.

Friends in Christ,biblically from the book of Act of Apostles 1:13-26, you may read for the purpose of more understanding concerning the Chosen one.Mathias was chosen by the disciples of Jesus Christ,I see it as a physical ordination with religious and traditions appointment and that could not yield to any good fruits and benefits,because that is not the purpose of God. God purpose was on one that no one thought of or think of that could be chosen.

He didn’t even reveal it to the disciples but rather to Ananias in Damascus that he has chosen Saul to be annointed and ordained to speak about his word and preach his gospel and spread it to all over the world with passion and authority baptizing them with the Holy Spirit.

So God  chose Saul who later became Apostle Paul with the new gospel of Jesus. He has confident in him even though he has is own issues not been among the religious disciples that follow Jesus.Because God knew he is the one who can spread his message and that is why he chose him as the Chosen  one.

So brethren, regardless of what you face in life,regardless of your past sins,the bad choices and the wrong moves that you had made in life ,do not fear, give your life to Christ,believe in him and he can turn your bad past to his own glory.

Remain blessed.

Pastor Kollins Arthur

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