Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless his holy name….Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world. God had made it possible for us to share his holy true word this week… The good Lord entitle his message “WRITE DOWN THE VISION”.

According to the word of God in the book of Habakkuk 2:1 -8 “Habakkuk complain to the Lord  why the wicked and the ungodly keep on prosper and live on and all are going well with them …. But the Lord replied to Habakkuk to watch and see how the end of the wicked would be….

Brethren , you might also be in the same situation that Habakkuk was and you are thinking in your mind why things are going well for the ungodly who fear no God and things were hard and difficult for the righteous who seek God faithfully? But the good Lord sent me to inform you not to worry about the life of the ungodly, for they are like a flower whose leaf wither and fade away.

The Lord want me and you to be patient and focus our mind on him alone,, for in due time the wicked will be no more, you will look for them and you will not see them again. Though for now, it looks like all is going well for them and nothing can happen to them, but the wicked  forget that they were born into this world and one day, they will have to leave the world and go to the place of punishment where God had reserved for those who don’t know him and serve him well.

Dear brethren in Christ, Let us remove our mind from the life of the ungodly so that we would not be carried away by their lawless deeds. For in appropriate time, God we reward the righteous and gives us peace in abundant.

May the good Lord continue to strengthen me and you in Christ and gives us hope in him. And always remember the Lord loves you before you start loving him.

Peace be with you always.

Pastor Kolins Arthur