Bless you brethren in the Lord Jesus, Greetings. Today’s message is unclean Spirit, Which means impure spirit., Whatever is unclean means in not right , is not good, is Satanic and demonic. they are evil spirits,they are the spirit of the devil who has taking over human minds, heart and soul.They make you do or say the things that you dont like to do or say, they makes you unhappy when you dont even necessarily need to be sad and upset. They produce all kinds of sinful nature in you which is contrary to the ways of God.

This evil beings are unseen with ordinary human eyes, you can’t hold them or touch them, though they can hold you and touch you and even possess you. They can also possess animals and even material things. They are disgusting and detestable. They want to take dominion over our lives, and dictate for us how our life should be. They are not a friend to no one, and they have no regard for anyone. They are bloodthirsty deceiful spirit.they are great in wickedness and delight in pains and sorrow of we human. They ruin and destroy life and things.

As a followers of Christ, when you are dealing with them, you need to be very careful,you need to know the kind of evil spirit you are dealing with,either they are giant ones or less powerful ones.  For the word of God says, we are not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalites, powers and authority, wicked ones in the heavenly realms..Therefore it is very good to be fully aware of the kind of enemy you are dealing with, they are very dangerous being full of wickedness.

You can only overcome them when you are fully in Christ Jesus and full of great faith,prayer, power, and authority of God.You can only overcome them when your heart and mind are fully with the Lord Jesus.when your heart and mind are fully set on the kingdom of God alone. Then, whatever you bound on earth by the power of God, shall and would be bound in heavenly realm.

You cannot overcome them if you are still thinking and not full make up your mind how to serve the Lord well, you cannot overcome them if your mind is still base and control by worldly passion and desire.You cannot overcome them if you are lazy in Christ and seaching for excuses why you are unstable in God.

Therefore i will encourage you not to make an attempt to cast evil out of someone for they might harm you badly because you are not yet fully standing in the way of Christ and not fully armor with the power of God.  And they will not even obeys you when you cast them out of yourself.

Brethren, for you to be free from evil spirit,  you need to look for a prayerful church full of power and righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and be fully part of them and be prayerful also yourself.

You cannot fully be set free, if you are attending a weak, powerless and prayerless church. You need to be fervent in prayer and be full with the word of God and have faith in Christ.

God said resist the devil and he will flee from you. Only when you are full of prayer and not when you are lazy and weak in spirit.

Remember, the powerful prayer of a righteous man avails much. May the peace of God be with your soul. Amen


Bless you in Christ,

Pastor Kollins Arthur