Greetings brethren in the Lord Jesus, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Today, we look at the book of Genesis 42 from verse 33, but i encourage you to read from verse 1 to the end. It talks about when Joseph, son of Jacob became a prime minister in the land of Egypt. And during a particular drought season the rest of Jacob’s sons went to Egypt to look for grain to buy in order to feed there starving household. The story goes on and on....

But the point we are bring to you in this story is about the response of Jacob their father when he was told that the Prime minister of Egypt ask them to bring Benjamin there last brother to him. Jacob was stree out and said in one of his statment “...everything is working against me...” the reason Jacob said these is that he was totally downcast within him, he don’t know why unfortunate things always happen to him alone.

At this point, Jacob was at his moment of limitation. As a human we all have limitation in life. We are bound to limitation, a point in our life that we can no longer continue with what is going on around us. We felt like to give up with life. We cant always endure or handle the situation that confront us every moment.We felt like the whole world is against us, every attempt to solve our challenges did not work. We were really at our moment of giving up with our life.

But i came to tell you today, that there is someone who is able to help you to fix every difficulties that confront you in life. You can mention them, it doesn’t matter how big or small or many the problems are, He is able to do more than we think or even ask for. His name is JESUS ChRIST, the son of the Living God. He doesn’t have limitation like you and me. He is always alert, awaking, active, and powerful to overcome everything that confront him. And if you are willing to obey him and live your life for him ALONE , He will help you to overcome every challenges that comes on your way.You need to believe that what i’m telling you is true and not a lie. You don’t need to pay money for him to help you. All you need to do is first to talk to yourself, if you are ready to give yourself fully to him.

Talk very well to yourself , And when you had make up your mind to live your life for CHRIST alone, then go on your knee and tell him that i am ready to live my life for you alone and walk with you. I give up my old ways of life and i embrace your ways alone. Then tell him, to guide you into his ways. Then look for a true  Christ followers group, it doesnt takes so long, then everything is new and beautiful in your life, all you needed is to continue to call on his name day after day and love him for who is. For He is the Saviour, Merciful, Compassionate, and Gracious God, who is full of Love and Peace.

Dont forget to get a living Bible for yourself and meditate it as often as you can, so that you may know him much more through his word.

CHRIST IS FULL OF LOVE AND GRACE. He never get tired to help you. Talk to him yourself, for He cares for you and me.

May the Love of Christ Jesus dwell in your heart, soul, mind and spirit forever. Amen

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and merciful saviour. Peace be with you always.

Pastor Kollins Arthur