Bless you dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus around the world. I have a message of encouragement from the Lord for you today that God can change every situation in your life that is not in right order and make it well for the glory of his name. In the book of 2 king 20:1-11 God told prophet Isaiah to go to king Hezekiah and give him a message that is he is not going to recover from his illness, but he would die. But after king Hezekiah received this message, he did not fold his hands and gather his loved ones and start to weep but instead he brought his petition before God and weep bitterly to the Lord and remind God how he (king) had serve him (God) faithfully and wholeheartedly. And God grant Hezekiah request and spared him of his death and added extra 15 years to his life.

Therefore, brothers and sisters God who change the situation in the life of Hezekiah and took away the bad report of death from him that same God can do the same thing for me and you in any situation we find ourselves.

God would change things for us as He did for Hezekiah, If only we are willing and ready to do the same thing Hezekiah did. He prayed and prayed to God, he devoted himself to God’s work and serve him diligently and God heard his prayer.

We must call upon God to turn things around for us. And change the report of medical doctor or the report of schoolteacher or the report of government systems and so on. We should call upon God and he will make things well for us.

May the good Lord strengthen you and keep you from all evil. May He bless you with peace and love and more grace to overcome every challenge and situation that confront you.


Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kollins Arthur