Holy Father, we bless you today and we surrender ourselves to your Holy presence that you may take total control over our lives and manifest your presence in our lives. Strengthen us with power and equip us with more wisdom and knowledge and understanding of your word. (Amen)

Bless you dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus around the world. The message the Lord has for us today is to be steady in the time of storm. When we talk about storm we are talking about pains, unbearable circumstances and challenges that confront us, depression, embarrassments, grieve, etc.

When we face storm in our lives, its because God is preparing us for a greater task ahead of us. He is preparing us for greater opportunities and blessing that is bringing on our way. It is through the storm that comes on our way that we learn more about God and depend on him more. It is through the storm that we learn discipline and obedience and patient.

How would you know that God is a miracle worker when you have not experience difficulties and challenges in your live. Therefore, we learn through the difficulties and pains that we go through.

The storm is meant for us to survive it and seek the Lord more through it. We should not pray that we bypass it, but we should pray that we overcome the storm by his strength and grace.

May the good Lord continue to empower us with more ability and grace to overcome every storm that confront us. Peace be with you always.


Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Pastor Kollins Arthur