The peace of God has been given to us by God, because He wants us to live by his Word. The Word of God that stands as our anchor, as our faith, as our confidence, and as our joy. The Word of God brings calmness into our life; He brightens our life and gives us hope. The Word of God takes over our frustration and his Word does not give room for doubt if we believe in it.

That is the peace He has made available for us as his children, the peace that comes from his Word and the Word is through the good book of life, HOLY BIBLE.

We should do everything possible to abide with the Holy Bible day by day, meditate on it. And just as we eat every day, so also the Word of God is to be for us, to be read every day, because that is where the peace and the joy come from, through the Word of God.

The more we read it, the more we study it, the more we meditate on it, the more it becomes part of us. And when we are face with tribulation and challenges, we exercise God’s Word to confront the situation and his divine power would manifest.

So as a believer in the Lord and followers of Christ Jesus, for us to grow in the Lord and move to the next level in our Christian life, we need to keep on meditating the Word of God every day. We need to do our best not to forsake the true assembly of brethren, to be regular in attending living church and to participate in the activities of God’s work and that is the only way that the Spirit of God would help us to increase in his glory and in his anointing.

God bless you in Christ our Lord.