In the book of Romans 12:1-8, bible said our body is the temple of God, our body is meant to use to worship and exalt God and glorify his name. Not only when we commit adultery or fornication but God is talking generally to his service of his kingdom. God lives in our body, our body became a vessel for God’s purpose use. We must give ourselves to God to be use for his purpose. But when God depart from a person life, he/she body became a vessel for Lucifer to use.

Our body is meant to exalt God and praise his only name. God wants to remain in our body, because we belong to God and God belong to us. We are one with God. He created us and knows what is good for us. He want our body to be use to praise his holy name and to exalt him day and night.

Whatever a person exalts and glorify, that means his heart is connect to it. Whatever you praise often, that means you have relationship with that thing. God is Spirit, and we must worship him from our heart where our spirit dwells. We must give our heart totally to God not partially or not when we feel like to praise God.

When we don’t give our body fully to God, we became an instrument for Satan to use. God want to be in charge of our life, He wants to be in control of our ways, our thought, our ideas, only if we can give him chance, because when Christ is in control of our life, we have hope and peace, and all goes well with us, but when we put God aside, and refuse to allow him to be in control of our life, our life become a life of confusion and disorder.

When we use our body to praise God, we receive God’s divine protection, peace and good health, victory etc then all goes well with us, whatever we touch shall be bless. And whatever we ask for in prayer, he grants it to us. But when we refuse to give our body fully to God, Then we are in contempt with God.


I pray that may God use your body as a vessel for his glorious work.