Bless you brethren in Christ Jesus, it is another week to share with you the message of salvation and freedom. May the good Lord grant you the grace and the annointing to follow his word.,

In the book of Romans 12; 1-8,  the word of God urge us to offer our body as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God and we should not conform to the standard of this world. Many brothers and sisters feels uncomfortable when the word of God is being preach with full of truth, they become nervous and unease even pick offense with the preacher of the word. In anyway, It is good to feel this way because that is the purpose of the word of God, to hit our mind and conscience and expose what is hiding in our heart, to rebuke and correct us.

The word of God said we should offer our body to God as a living sacrifice for this is our proper worship.Which means there is no worship from us when our body does not sacrifice to God.What exactly is sacrifice, sacrifice means we do things for God to be please but which may not even please us or convenient for us. We sacrifice for the benefit of others to be happy and have a better life and the name of God to be praise and not because of what we would gain from it. Sacrifce is not by doing what does not cost us anything and make ourself available for it ,but to do what is more than our feelings.

Prayer, fasting , singing and worship, giving ,etc they are all sacrifice, but they are not enough. Our character and altitude must also be sacrifice to the Lord, our behaviour must show that we are a true followers of Christ Jesus. That means that after our prayer and fasting and worship and singing and after we read our bible and go for evangelism,our life must also reflect that we are children of the Most High God. It is hard to perfect in these, but God said we should make every effort and he would perfect whatever remains. God pay more attention to our character and altitude to determine if we are truly and fully belong to him or not. And through our character and behaviour, the Lord sees if we deserve to be exalted and lifted high..

For example, Jesus sacrifice or offer himself for us so that me and you may have a better life in this life and in the life to come. He did not sacrifice himself because he love to die but because He shares in the pain and sorrow that confront us in this life and after death. Then He willingly gave himself to be crucify so that me and you may have peace and joy to eternity through his death and resurrection. And He also urge us as his children to sacrifice for God and for one another.

It is true that many poeple abuses other kindness and good gesture, but we should not relent of sacrificing because whatever we do, we do it for the Lord.  I know it may be very hard to continue but as we pray to God, He would comfort our broken heart and give us the grace to continue.

And know confidently in our heart and mind that our God is a God who avenges for his people and he would pay back those who take advantage of others or abuses there love and kindness.

In conclusion, we have to wake up out of our slumber and do the things that God require from us before its too late. May the light of God’s face shine on your soul.


Peace be with you and me.


Pastor Kollins Arthur,