According to the book of James 1:19-20, the word of God thought us to acquire wisdom and knowledge of God for ourselves as a believer and followers of Jesus Christ.

And also it is important for us to learn how to listen very well, and not only to listen without obeying the instruction, but we should also practice what the word says. Bible says if we want to see many good days on this earth, we should avoid evil talk and evil conversation; we should be slow in opening our lips.

When we are good in listening to the word of God very well, we gain the ability and confidence on how to pray, how to confront the devil with the right words at the right time and at the right moments. When we listen well, our spirit store up God’s divine words that pierce and tears down the enemies plans concerning our life.

Listening gives us the opportunity to stand against the challenges that confront our thought, the challenges that bring fear into our heart. For the word of God we listen to, brings hope, it brings liberty, it destroy the spirit of oppression and suppression out of our life.

Listening well to the word of God, brings confidence in our Christian faith, confidence to stand firm against tribulation and afflictions, confidence to break lose Satan activities through prayer by the authority of Christ that is in us.

So beloved children of God, followers of Christ Jesus our Lord, let us do everything in our best and in our ability through the help of Holy Spirit, to open up our mind to the true word of God that bring love,peace,joy and patience. For the word of God is our life. That is why it is important to listen and listen well to his word and his messages, By doing so, we will be able to carry out what the bible teaches us, on how to live right with ourselves and with our fellow brothers and sisters.

May the Spirit of the Lord grant you a willing heart to open your mind and ears to listen to Christ today. (Amen)