Reset our thinking by the blood of the lamb and by the sacrifice that he made on the cross, he gave himself up so that we may have a new life in Christ. He died for us that we may inherit eternal life; his crucifixion took away our old life, our sins. We are being reborn into this world for the sake of the blood of Jesus.

As a believer in Christ Jesus, this is how we ought to think, to reason and to imagine, that Christ does not hold our past life against us, but given us a new opportunity to come to him and reconciled with him. He has open the door of a new beginning, a door of peace, a door of everlasting joy that cannot be stolen by any man or by any government or by the system of this world, a door of righteousness, a door of holiness, to leave a new that would bear fruit for his kingdom.

We out to exercise the power that Christ has placed on us, that we are saved by his blood and not been afraid of what comes on our ways, we should think like Christ, stand on the true word of God, confess it out and stand on it. “For God did not give us the spirit of fear but of confidence and boldness in Christ Jesus”. For the word of God said, “Stronger are they that are with us than those that are outside there”. Somewhere else he said “His word will not return back to him void until it accomplishes the purpose he sent it for”. Whatever God has spoken will surely come to pass.

This is how God want us to think and reason and to act and not be afraid or intimidated by any man. Remember he is our shield and refuge in times of troubles.

When you stand in Christ like these, devil cannot change or twist your mind toward your God, because you have the word of God in you. It is in your mouth, and in your heart. When you use it, you act it and practice it and live it, you will surely overcome the devil schemes.

May the grace of God be with you.