Jesus said come to me all ye that were heavily labor and I would give you rest. The Lord is not talking about the rest of the body or of the midday relaxing, but what the Lord is saying here is that we should come to him with all our heart, that He would gives our Spirit, Soul and body divine internal rest.

Many people think that they can find Joy in this world without Christ involvement in their life, they think they can make all things to be under their control, they struggle with themselves, and fight with their inner mind to work things out perfectly, but sooner than later, they realize that things had begin to fall apart.

Dear brethren in Christ, No one can put all things under his or her control perfectly without any disappointment except the only person our savior Lord Jesus Christ. Our qualification and what we know and had acquired in life only deceives us to rely on our strength, but they soon fails us.

There is no peace or fullness of joy on this earth to those whose ways are not in accordance with the way of the Lord of Heaven. There is no amount of calculation or study that can produce internal peace within a human being unless in Christ, Bible said in Christ is all the fullness of God dwells in bodily form.

Which means whatever it may be whether things of this world or the things that is not of this world, peace and joy can only be found in Christ? For God had put everything under Christ control.

We can only find rest for our life on this world and after this world, only if we can humbly allow the Spirit of Christ to dwell in our inner spirit and allows him to be in control of our life for the glory of God.

Our wealth, our family, our education and whatever we may have gotten on this world cannot and can never give us a peace of mind that last forever. It’s only temporary but not for ever.

Only the peace of God that surpasses human understanding can last and sustain us in every situation that comes on our way.

I urge today to give your inner heart to Christ so that God may rule your heart and give you a total rest of mind.


God bless you.