Affliction comes in one’s life or in a believer’s life in order to help him to realize his stand in the Lord either as a strong believer or a weak believer. And often a time, when we are face with afflictions, we cast blames on our environments, on the people that surround us, on God and his people and many more.

And we believe, that is because we make up our mind to serve the Lord that is why we are bombard with afflictions, and in that case, we are looking for a way out and return back to the world again. Then we think and convince that, that would be a solution to the problems we are facing.

Biblically, God describe affliction in order to test our faith in him, our courage, our stands and our devotion to the Holy Spirit and order to test who we claim we are in the Lord.

God said in the book of Ezekiel 21:13 “Testing will surely come…….”

It is not easy to go through affliction and that is why God brings it to our life. He design it to help us to grow in him, to become strong in him, to overcome problems without casting blames on anyone or God.

For He wants to know how do we handle situations that looks rough, how do we handle our environment that everyone hates us for whom we are without reason, how do we handle our financial situation when we keep on borrowing and we call ourselves a child of God.

How do we bring the family together when they are broken apart, how do we stay persistent in our prayer and in our devotion to the Lord when everything is fallen apart. These are the things that God looks at when we are faced with afflictions.

As a believer in Christ Jesus, when you overcome all these challenges, it makes you worthy of God’s kingdom and qualified you as a true child of God that can brings hope for the hopeless, and be a source of strength for the weak because you had once go through all these trials and overcome them and the Lord will count you worthy of his own.

That is why God brings all these challenges to see whether we will be able to carry his cross and walk with him every day or we will leave it behind and return back to the world in our mind.

Those who overcome great afflictions remain stand in the Lord forever and never fall while those who do not persistent and run away and cast blames are not worthy of Christ and his kingdom.

Bible said in the book of psalm 34:19 “Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivers him out of them all….”

May the peace of the Lord guides you and strengthens you and help you to know that afflictions are not meant to destroy you but to help you to grow in the Lord and qualified you as a child of God.

May the peace of the Lord be with you all.