Brothers and Sisters, I greet you all in the name of Jesus. We children of God that lives and walk in the ways of Christ, our cleanness is not only outside but also inside. Because we live under the righteousness and holiness of Christ and we understand the meaning of light.

We learnt from the book of Matthew 15:18-20, “…that what comes out of a man’s heart is what is stored in their heart and the heart contains jealousy, envyness selfishness, murder, sexual immorality, self-seeking, and greed. This all together I described as vessel of evil thoughts and that is what makes a man unclean and not what we eat or wear. These are the challenges that we face in this world, people are not whom they claim to be, they look nice, kind outwardly but inwardly they are full of evil and it is difficult to predict whom they are, only God knows and can help us.

Beloved, that is why we Christian need Christ, for Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  When we come to him, he teaches us wisdom, knowledge and righteousness that leads to holiness. He helps us to overcome our imperfection to enables us to differentiate between light and darkness. With God there is peace that surpasses all human understanding, the peace that we cannot find in this world.

The world sees cleanness from outwardly but we the believers in Christ sees cleanness from inwardly. The cleanness of the world depends on how they look outwardly, and what they wear, how people sees them which based on human preception. It is because it comes with the desire of the world and not the desire of God.

We learnt in the bible from the book of Matthew 6;33 “… that we should seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and every other things  shall be added unto us, which means both living things and non living things. As we live under the grace and dwell in the cleanness of God’s heart, everything we desire, and need or want, would be made possible for us in Jesus name.

Brothers and Sisters, friends and loved ones, believers in Christ. I came in peace not to judge and not to condemn, but to encourage and to help a fellow believer to live for Christ and to grow in the Lord stronger and your live would not be the same. With Christ there is everlasting peace and compassionate love that cannot be find in this world.

Let’s hold on to our faith in Christ and stand strong and courageous in the Lord, no matter the circumstances and challenges that confront us in our daily lives, God is in charge of it and on top of it and he would help us to overcome them all. So let’s live in love and kindness with one another because Christ is love.

I have to go now, always remember God loves you first. May the peace of God be upon you all. (Amen)