Greetings, fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. The bible teaches us in the book of Ephesians 6:10-13…” that we should be strong in the Lord and put on the full armor of God against the evil day. Because our struggle as a followers of Christ are not physical but are spiritual. We are face with evil spirit, wicked spirit in the heavenly realm, so therefore, beloved we need to be strong in prayer to overcome the attack of the spirit that are not physical.

The bible teaches in the book of 1 Samuel 2:9 “….that it is not by strength that one prevails, but by the Spirit and the wisdom of God. Samson was strong but he failed because he lack wisdom, so beloved you see what I’m talking about, that been prayerful, gaining wisdom and knowledge of Christ is what been strong in the Lord is all about.

How do you become strong in prayer if you say I don’t know how to pray? I encourage you to read your bible often if you have the chance, it will help you, if you don’t have bible you can download one on your iphone through the app. Because when you read the bible, that is where you get the words to use to pray to help you with confidence, kill the fear of the world and gives you strength and courage in Christ Jesus.

For example, I would suggest you take a moment when you are about to leave the house to pray, how do you do that …”father God, unto thy hands I commit my spirit, protect me throughout the day, my going out and my coming in” in Jesus name. Amen…That is before you leave the house ,also when you get to work, take a little moment to pray and say  “ father God, unto thy hands I commit my work, give me the strength to do my work successfully in Jesus name. Amen

You know beloved, this is just the beginning of building your inner spirit to gain strength and being strong in the Lord, to overcome the challenges and attacks of our enemies. Don’t also forget when you step into your car, motorbike, public transport, whatever it may be, to commit your ways into his hands by asking him to protect you against accident and grant you safe journey in Jesus name. Beloved, it is the proper and perfect way to build relationship with Christ by putting God first in prayer and by being honest to God and to yourself in everything you do in life, because prayer is the only way to stand strong and overcome the evil of this world.

So putting on the full armor of God and being strong in the Lord is not about wearing armor that is use in the warfare but it means being prayerful and truthful.

In case you want to build your spiritual life through prayer and being strong in the Lord as a child of God, check the church website and click the prayer link, you will see prayers that addresses all kinds of issues concerning life, and learn from it, I believe it would help you to grow in the Lord and in prayer.

Beloved I have to go now, always remember God loves you first. May the peace of God be upon you all.