Fellow believers in Christ, God bless you  all. The Lord sent me to you today to challenge your believe. Your belief is a result of something you have heard many times about yourself, and you belief about yourself. You didn’t believe you were dumb till you heard someone say to you, you were dumb, you didn’t believe you couldn’t learn till you heard somebody say to you, you can’t learn anything So therefore your life has fulfilled the prophesy you heard about yourself. These things that you believe had become your vision statement.

Brothers and Sisters, the problem is that, not what people say or think about you that matters, but what you think about yourself. You  will never completely be healed or made whole until you start speaking to yourself, You talk to your mind, you talk to your childhood, you talk to the crises around you, or else you cannot be set free. Like the woman with the issue of blood, she talk to herself many times, if I can touch the edge of his garment ,she says, she would be made whole . And after make effort to touch the hem of Jesus garment , she was instantly made whole. She was set free by her own belief and by keep on talking to herself.

Brothers and Sisters, you cannot overcome what you will not confront, when you start running from one thing, you are going to keep running from everything and everyone. You are going to run away from true love, running away from life and responsibility, then you keep on running and running . That is why you need to stop running and face whatever you have to face and deal with whatever you have to deal with.

So fellow believers, I encourage you today  to start changing the situation around you by belief in yourself first and keep on talking to yourself. you can never get anyone to believe in you until you believe in yourself first, you can never get anyone to love you until you start loving yourself first. And nobody can do this but you yourself.

I have to go now, may the peace of the Lord be with your Spirit. And always remember, that God loves you first before you start loving him.

God Bless you.

Pastor Kolis Arthur,

Head Pastor