Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ, Bible tells us in the book of proverbs 9:10 …”that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy one is understanding”. We learnt that as a child of God, for us to gain God’s divine wisdom, we need to commit ourselves to God in fervent prayer and studying the word of God daily. Through wisdom our days on earth will be many and years would be added to our life.

With wisdom, we are rewarded by our commitment and believing in the living God. We are rewarded because we stand in God both in good time and in bad time even though we don’t even understand his ways and things may not go on our ways as we desire, but we still depends on his spiritual counseling.

So brothers and sisters, it is not about our ways, or ideas or our knowledge, it is all about the wisdom of the Almighty God, then we are seen as a wise son that brings joy to his household by the decision that we make.

So people of God, having wisdom and knowledge of God are blessing that helps one to survive in life. With the knowledge of God, we are restrained from the unwholesome words that come out of our mouth. The understanding of God teaches us that, it is wrong to talk indescent, even fools are thought wise if he or she keep silent and restrained their words.

So brothers in the Lord, I would encourage you for more understanding and gaining spiritual wisdom, to take a time and moment to read the book of 1 king 4 :29-34 that teaches about the uniqueness of God’s wisdom that He lavish upon Solomon that makes Solomon a great king in his time.

Thank you all and I pray that by reading this message, may your heart be blessed and be transform to new person in Christ by the spirit of God in Jesus name.

Beloved I have to go now, always remember God loves you first. May the peace of God be upon you all.