Greetings fellow brethren in Christ, it is another great pleasure to share with you the word of salvation  we proclaim to all mankind about the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Spirit of God strengthen you in Jesus name. Today the Lord has given me a message to pass onto you which He entitled “WAIT FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT”.

In life there is always a moment for everything, when the right moment come you will know whether this blessing is for you or not. When the moment come you will know when to act and when not to act . In the book of John 7:1-24 ...according to the incident, Jesus wait for the right moment for him to go to the festival of Tabernacle, he did not go to the festival because of his brothers pressures but He went at the right moment.

To wait for the right moment is to wait for God’s appointed time. When God’s time come, the Holy Spirit will move your heart and mind to act on the issue, and you will never regret the decision you make. But when we do not wait for God to lead us, we later realized we had make a mistake that many time may not be able to be reversible.

A wrong decision making ends us up in pain and regrets. And God did not want us to be in pain and regrets because life is only once to live in it with happiness and full joy but not in sorrow or regrets. Therefore, the Lord encourages you today to seek his face fervently and seek a good counselling from the God’s fearing people before making any decision in life. And wait patiently in your heart and mind for him and all shall be well with you.

May the God of all comfort, comfort you in every areas of your lives that you had make a wrong decision and straighten everything that is not going well, for the glory of his holy name to be praise. I wish you peace of God from heaven and always remember the Lord loves you first before you start loving him.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord.