Glory be to the Almighty God in heaven; our God is a good God and honour be to his Holy name. He is a wonderful God, the everlasting father. We thank you Lord for your unfailing love upon us.

Bless you brethren in Christ, we thank God for another opportunity to share with you the word of salvation. My prayer is that you will be bless with his word and your life will not remain the same.

In the book of 1 Thessalonian 5:15-24.

There are two important things as a child of God and as a believer we must not do. First, God says we must not pay wrong with wrong. This is a great advice God gave to us as his children. We must not pay evil with evil. We should think through what we are doing before caring it out. Secondly, we must do everything in our power to do what is good before God and everyone.

The reason why God said we must not pay wrong with wrong, its because when someone encourage you badly, its leads to evil desire, and evil desire leads to evil influence and evil influence can cause evil ideas. Bad advice leads us to wrong way, then you start thinking paying back wrong with wrong will give you the satisfaction you desire but at the end its not true, you become more deeper into evil. Paying wrong with wrong does not satisfy you as you think but brings more pain and fear in our life.

Brethren, its better to allow God to avenge for us than to take vengeance in our own hands. So that we may have peace of mind and free conscience to pray to God. Allow God’s will to be done in our life, because only what He plan for us can come to pass and stay. We should ask God for grace and strength to be calm when someone wronged us and wait patiently for his deliverance from our enemies who surround us.

May God strengthen your heart and soul and gives you his perfect peace in every area of your life.

God bless you.


Yours faithful in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kollins Arthur