Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ all around the world, may the glory of the Lord rest upon you. The goal of the gospel of Jesus is all about love. Love that comes with sincere conscience and pure heart. As we come to Christ Jesus the perfecter of our faith, we must allow His Holy Spirit to fill our heart with true love and pure conscience, or else we will not be able to have a right mind to do the will of God.

When Apostle Paul was teaching a message of Christ to some followers of God, He notice that there are some false teachers who are teaching a false doctrine about Christ. The man of God urges these teachers to stop spreading fake doctrine, and not allow themself to be use by Satan to spread fake message. Because they are message that are full of lies, deceit, greediness, love of money etc He urge these false teachers to deviate from such messages. These message does not encourage, strengthen admonish and correct the children of God instead it fills their minds and hearts with all kinds of evil ways.

The Apostle reminds these teachers about the main goal of the gospel of Jesus in the book of 1 Timothy 1:5 which is love that comes from pure heart. And many had deviate from these and turn to a fake gospel which does not bring eternal glory to us. Because love is the greatest command that our Lord Jesus gave to us that we must obey.

God who is rich in mercy and patient desire for us his children to love one another. Jesus said if we love one another, then everyone will know that we are truly his disciple, but if we devour one another, then we are not a true follower of Christ.

Brethren, let us make every effort to walk in true love that comes from God. May the grace and mercy of the Lord be with us always.


Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Pastor Kollins Arthur