Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ, I am writing you today to encourage you about the importance of knowing God, not to judge you or condemn you but to let everyone know that Jesus Christ did not come for Holy religions people alone but He came for all of us. That is, we the lost sheep of Israel, which means he came for the prostitutes, armed robbers, liars, ungodly fellows, lesbians, homosexual  and everyone good and bad. He shed his blood for all.

I want you to know that Christ loves us and we are all welcome in the kingdom of God and his love is beyond boundaries. There is peace in knowing Christ, because he teaches us in the book of Philippians 4:7 “….that the peace of God which transcend all understanding would guide your heart and mind in all situation..”

So brethren, that is why we need to know God and come closer to him, to enable us to have his peace, calmness in spirit, right mind in reasoning and thinking, and in making decisions, in order to avoid uncertainty in life. And not depending on the wisdom of this world we lives in, I mean the wisdom of politicians, the wisdom of medical doctors, the wisdom of Judges and lawyers etc, they are all originated from human philosophy and they would all fail and fade out because they were of human origin.

But being with Christ or knowing Christ, we are been guaranteed through Christ Jesus everlasting peace, joy and happiness to overcome the fear of this world. Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one cometh to the father except through Jesus. He owns the key to our peace, our joy and happiness in life.

Beloved I have to go now, always remember God loves you first. May the peace of God be upon you all.