Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord... It is a great honor to bless you with the word of God... Today, the Lord's message for us is SHAKE THE DUST OFF YOUR FEET.

During the days of Jesus on earth, there are some people that sees him as a problem but not as a solution. They picked offenses on everything He do or says. They despise him and his messages.They call him all sorts of names in order to destroy his value. But the more they destroy him, the more God raises him up.

Fellow brethren, you might also going through the same thing that Jesus went through, It may be in your family or among friends or fellow brethren in the Lord... but don't allow there negative words or insult to worries you a bit.. They can't bring down whom God has lifted high. They can't determine your value, you are a blessed child of the living God...

Let your heart be at peace and focus your mind fully on Christ Jesus who has called you and chosen you as his own and continue to do what God has place in your heart to do for him..Do not allow the jealous and bitter people to stop you from being whom God has made you..
Keep away from people who speak down of your kindnessess and generosity... You can be very sure, there heart are filled with evil.

Move along with people who have the heart of God and sees you as a blessing in there lifes but not as a problem. May the hand of the Mighty God be upon you and keep you from all evil. Peace be with you always.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord
Pastor Kollins Arthur