I welcome you Brothers and Sisters in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. May God keep you and Favour you. May He make his light shine all over you in Jesus name.

In the book of John 17:17-19, Jesus said the father should sanctify us by the truth of his word. We should return to the source of truth.

The source of truth is a place where we go to find truth about God. A place where we run to and discover the truth about his kingdom. But now we are living in a world where truth had been rejected, in a world where truth no longer matter. Where those who bring the truth had been persecuted. People no longer interested or delighted in hearing the main truth about the Gospel of Christ and the righteousness of his kingdom.

But there was a time when truth was really honoured and respected, in the old days. But nowadays the truth is fading away and disappearing even right from the House of God. Those who are to speak the truth has traded the truth for fame and power and worldly pleasure. They had sold the truth of God for there own selfish gain and no longer for the interest of Christ whom they stand for. They say pleasant things to sweet the mind of the people who come to hear truth and never rebuke and correct their wrongs. So that people may be sound minded and pure.

The Lord Jesus prays for us that the Father may sanctify us, so that we may know the truth and return to it with all our heart and soul and mind. For it is the truth that will save us from death, pain and sorrows, difficulties and distresses. It’s only the truth of God’s word that will make our lives better and at peace. Or else, we will struggle with many things in this life and even in the life after death. For there is a life after death.

I pray that God may sanctify our heart with the truth of his word. So that we may live a Holy, joyful and peaceful life. May the good Lord bless you and keep you with love and truth.




Yours faithfully,

Pastor Kollins Arthur