Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am here to empowers you with a message from the Lord for your strengthening in which the Lord himself entitled MANIPULATOR.

In our Christian life, there are Christian who go church and serve the Lord, and doing everything right in the eyes of people only for God to solve their problems. They don’t want to face persecution or any challenges and difficulties, there services to the Lord is good and excellent, perfect to human standards . They want something from God, and many times they hid who they were inwardly, because they want people to see them as perfect believer.. This kind of Christians are called MANIPULATOR. Jesus called them HYPOCRITES.  They serve the Lord only to get something or to become something but not for true and sincere love for Christ.

These manipulators came to God to solve their life problems, to their narrow mind, they think the Lord did not know there deepest heart. And when the man of God through the Spirit of God gave them the task of praying and fasting and wait upon the Lord time. And situation still did not change, they began to grumble against the work of God.. they forget that there are no short cut to success or destiny the Lord had prepared for them. They don’t want to pass through normal process to achieve the blessings of God for their life, they want to bypass the normal way to progress.

They think those who pray and fast and wait upon God were foolish and not smart. These manipulator forget that bible says in the book of Matthew 4: 20 “the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first”. Which means those who bypass the normal process of achieving success according to the ways of God, will eventually get there but they will fall miserably either in this life or the life after death and they will not be able to rise again. Because the manner they use to achieve their success and glory is not the right source of God, and they will not be able to sustain it forever.

Therefore, beloved watch out and do not be enticed by the success of those who make unjust gain and profit .Be content with what the Lord has given to you and be grateful to God for it. Do not be carried away by the error of lawless men who despise the right way of Christ.

May the God of glory bless you abundantly and supplied all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. Peace be with you always.

Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Pastor Kollins Arthur