Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, may your soul be bless by the Lord.  In the book of John 3:16-21 Jesus said “for God so Loved the world that He gave his only son do die for us and whosoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

The reason why God gave Jesus to die for us is that, He may deliver us from Satan schemes and plans and his evil power. Satan has in his mind to demolish our believe system. Remember Satan is a good and perfect schemer. He desired greatly to control us and instruct us what to do. His evil plan is to demolish what we know about God, what we had come to believe in Christ and every good thing we had learn from God. This is Satan great mission in our lives.

But God who is reach in Love and mercy sent Jesus to rescue us from Satan’s power. God did not sent Jesus to condemn us or destroy us, but to enlighten and teach us more about the Living and great God. But by rejecting Jesus’ work in our lives, then we are condemn by our own actions, because God says whoever does not accept Jesus’ ways stands condemn already even though they are still alive. But the person who accept Christ in their heart and believed in him were save.

Brethren, everything about God is Believe. Just Believe!!! When you don’t believe, or you have problem in believing in God, then you are only wasting your time in your service for God, or in your praying to Him. Because the word of God says, whoever comes to God must first believe that He is real, and He diligently rewarded those who serve him well.

Today I encourage you to start believing in God and in his mighty power. For created all things both the things you see and the things you did not see. The wind, the storm, the rain, the snow, the water, the mountains, the hills, the ground, the air, the havoc, the angel of death, the destroyers, the ability to smell, to think, to talk, to move, to whisper, to blink eyes and so many more things that we cannot finish counting, all things are made by God.

Therefore, learn to believe in Christ and talk to him everyday. For He is waiting to hear from you. Today if you read this message, do not harden your heart. For God loves you.

Peace be with you always.


Yours in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pastor Kollins Arthur