Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,It is a great honour and pleasure for me to enlighten you about the blessings that our father in heaven has bestowed us who believe in him and strive to walk in his ways.Today,we are going to speak on Grace.
It is by God's divine grace that we the believers in Christ lives. It is by his grace that we have peace, healthy life and the life with full of confidence. The confident that we have in Christ is because we know that the God we serve has conquered death for us.He has conquered our sickness, our sorrow, our shame,our pain and has given us hope that when we trust in him with all our heart,there would be a better tomorrow for us.

Our God has made a commandment for his righteous children that when we follow his ways and live according to his requirements, that he would guide us along our difficulties and watch over us in our challenges.For he remain the same God that watches over his children from generation to generations.It is not by our strength that we succeed in this life,rather it is by his divine grace that has been lavish upon us.

For us to continue to enjoy God's divine grace,and to see his success manifest in our life,and for us to witness his amazing power in our life,he urge all his followers not to spend there time thinking about the circumstances and problems that confront them,not to focus our attention and exhaust our energy on the problem on how is going to be solve,but rather we should persistent on his word that says in the book of philippian 1:6 "That he that began a good work in us, would not leave it half done,but would complete it until the day that Christ come."
So believers in Christ, saint in the Lord,let us do everything humanly to be persistent on the true word of God that brings grace and Joy, peace and success. For Christ is the Way and the Light. May his perfect Will be done in your life. And always remember that God loves you first.

May you remain bless forever!!!

Pastor Kolis Arthur