Somebody may ask, what is the VINE? For there are many Christians who do not know the meaning of the vine. And there are many Christian who do not know what the BRANCHES also mean. Jesus said I am the vine and we are the branches and the father is the gardener.
The vine actually means the plant that grows up to become a strong tree and then begin to develop branches. While the BRANCHES is the part that shoot out from the tree. They are similar in appearance; there is no difference in them. There is no tree without branches, they both belong together, and they are inseparable. A branch cannot survive without the tree. The branches took their strength from the vine. When a branch is been cut off from the tree, the branch dies and wither off. And it cannot be fixing back to the tree.
Spiritually, Christ is the vine and the tree of our life. Our strength comes from him, our wisdom and knowledge comes through him. And without Christ, our life becomes a meaningless life. We are confused and depressed and frustrated every day. But when we abide in Christ Jesus, God the father works in our life his righteousness and our life becomes productive and effective. God cut out everything in us that would not bring peace and joy into our life. When we remain in the Lord, God prunes our life and make it grow. So that we may live a righteous life that God has ordain for us. He would cut off everything in our life that does not allow us to be what He wants us to be. It may be anger, or jealousy, hatred, bitterness etc.
But before God would do all these for us, we must remain in Christ.
And as you remain in Christ, the Holy Spirit continues to work in your life and transform your life for the glory of the Lord.
Remain in Christ.

Pastor Kolis Arthur,