Beloved, God has never stopped loving us ever since we are formed in our mother’s womb. He always loves us in any circumstances. The Lord watches over his children that loves him and he never turned his back on them, He would never turned his back against his children whom he predestined and foreknew before the world began. He is a father that cares for his beloved children, like a shepherd who search for his lost sheep, until he founds it and bring it home, he never rest., So the Lord cares so much for us who loves him dearly. “Good steadfast love of the Lord never ceases’t, his mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, great is his faithfulness towards his children”.

The only thing that causes separation between us and God is our sinful nature. Our sin has cause separation between us and God; Remember, He is a holy God and no darkness can dwell in him. If we can allow our mind to be led by the Spirit of God, the Lord would work greatly on our behalf and then we will see the manifestation of his glory in our life. He said come unto me all he that were heavily labored and I would give you rest. Come to God today, for he loves you.


Remain bless!!!