Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I pray in the name of Jesus that this month of December:

May God protect everyone against the spirit of confusion, sickness, death and uncertainty.

May God loose us all from the gathering of evil and satanic plans.

May his grace, may his mercy, may his light abide with us all in Jesus name.

May the good Lord see us through a successful new year in Jesus name.


We will be having an End of the Year all night Prayer Service , to pray against all challenges and difficulties that confront us in this world and our life as Christians. I believe that our God answereth by fire and there is nothing too hard for him.

With God all things are possible. He is a God of solution. And we believe that He has the answers to our prayers. He owns the key to our happiness and joy, so no matter how big or small the challenges maybe, it is not bigger than our God. He would solve it for us.

Whatever your request may be, bring it to God and He would solve it for us through the power of prayer. By sending your prayer request through our church email, (foundationhwm@gmail.com)we will pray on it on your behalf.

May you all remain bless in Jesus name.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you in Advance.



Pastor Kolins Arthur