Bless you brothers and sisters in the Lord, may the name of the Lord be praise forever and ever. It is joy for me to present to you the message of encouragement the Lord Jesus has place in my heart for strengthen you and enlighten you in order for me and you to remain steadfast in our devotion to the Lord.

In the Bible, Jesus describe us his followers as the salt of the earth.  And for us to be the salt of the earth, we have to be effective as a true believer in Christ. To be effective in the body of Christ, to be effective as a believer in the life of our family, friends and loved ones.

We as a children of God, we have a purpose or aim on this earth, and our aim is to be effective as a child of God, to make difference in the life of people around us. To live as a true child of God ,to be self-control, and to preach the gospel of Jesus to every soul.

When we are not effective as child of God, we lose our saltiness, then we are no longer useful for anything in the kingdom of God. We become worthless, we can no longer pray as we supposed to be.

Therefore, for me and you to be an effective child of God, must devote our self to constant prayer. We must stay away from the desire for the things of this world which polluted our spirit and flesh and focus our mind fully on the Kingdom of God.

I pray for you that may the good Lord empowers you with grace to be more effective in your Christian life.

Peace be with you always.


Pastor Kollins Arthur

Email: foundationhwm@gmail.com