Bless you dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, it is a great honour and privilege for me to write to you once again about the word that God has God has sent me to share with you…. Today our topic is “Don’t Turn Back”. In the book of John 15:1-17,Jesus talks about the vine and the fruit.

Dear Brother and sister, it is hard to be fruitful while you are in pain or in sorrow. it is difficult to be fruitful while we are depressed by the  challenges that surround us. God gets the glory out of you when you are fruitful because he is the one who put the seed in you that brought the fruit out. Christianity now is only about what Jesus can provide for them, but they don’t want to have a relationship with God, they only come to God when things goes on their way. People want what Jesus can do for them ,but they don’t want Jesus himself.

Brother and sisters, for every time you come to church and praised God, even though you didn’t even understand what was going on in your life, God said if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you want and it shall be done unto you. We need to follow God with commitment and not condition. Then our latter day shall be greater that former.

I pray for that God would give you a heart to follow him regardless of what’s  going on in your life. May the good Lord continue to strengthen you in all your ways. And always remember that God loves you first before you start loving him.