Bless you brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. It’s a great priviledge to bring the word of God to you once again. Our message today is CONSTANT FAITH. In the book of Acts of Apostles 16: “Apostle Paul and Silas were been imprisoned for no offence at all, but due to deliverance of a young girl from impure spirit. The Apostles were been flogged and treated shamefully for losing a person from bondage of demons and powers of darkness. But despite there ill-treatment from the people and been locked in imprison for no reason, they did not give up in there faith and there loyalty to God.

They continually praying and giving thanks to God,even in there pain and distress. they lift up there voices in worship and praises to God.They did not complain or grumble in there heart to God and ask why are we going through all these difficulties.They stand firm in there faith and they accept the word of Jesus that says we shall be persecuted for the sake of the gospel. They embrace the situation that confront them and find strength in Christ to continue there devotion to God’s calling. They were not entertaining themselves with sorrow and looking for sympathy from other inmate. But they find courage and hope in God and remain constant in there faith.

Because of there unmovable and unwaver faith in Christ, despite there shameful and painful situation, they render fervent worship and prayer to God in heaven who can deliver them, and God who is great in power and mercy did not abandon his chosen and faithful ones. He send his power into the prison to set his people free from the bondage of the enemy. According to the bible, in the midnight God sent strong wind to the prison that shake even the foundation of the prison and loose the chains of all the prisoners.

Brethren, this is the kind of faith and actions that God require from me and you. An unmovable and unshakeable faith in any situation that comes on our way. God want me and you to stand strong in Christ.We should develop the same altitude of the apostles and imitate there faith. In this way, we can be very sure that our God would not abandon us to the realm of the dead and neither will He forsaken us.

God loves us brothers, but He also want us to be strong and stand firm in our devotion to him. He allows challenges to come on our way in order to test our faith in him to see how strong or how weak we are. So that the enemy Satan would know those of us who really belong to Christ fully in our heart.

Therefore I encourage you today to build your faith up in Christ Jesus through fervent prayers and worship of God,in meditation of God’s word daily. And in fellowship with true brethren in Christ. By so doing your faith is growing rapidly, and when the day of evil come, then you will be able to stand well and be an overcomer by the power of God.

Brethren, I wish you Power, Strength, and Grace in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Bless you!!!


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Kollins Arthur