To be Rich towards God, what does it means to us as a believer in Christ Jesus, It simply means ,we should be devoted to the things of the Spirit, to be devoted to the things of heaven, to be devoted to the Lord so that we can make eternity. To be regular and active in the work of the kingdom, to be fervent in our prayer towards the kingdom’s work and building a strong relationship with God day by day. To be consistence in paying our tithes, vows and thanksgiving, to be helping to build a strong believer in the Lord, to be helping in encouraging a new believer who just gave their life to Christ, to be eager to become a strong filled Spirit Christian. All these are how to work towards being rich to our father in heaven.

Rather than focusing our heart on material things, or to be famous or building riches and accumulating possessions on earth where everything would be destroy and left behind when we die, in these case we are being rich towards the desires of the earth and not being rich towards our father in heaven.